The Daily Hotness: Nobody expects the Jimquisition

Good show!

Our game of the show for E3 was revealed, Holmes reviewed Peace Walker, Conrad checked out the new Red Faction, there’s a Sonic convention seriously happening and more happened on 06/25/10.

Destructoid Originals:
The Jimquisition: PLAGIARISM!
And Destructoid’s E3 ‘Game of the Show’ is…
Friday Night Fights: Robots in disguise


The Great Escape: From physical pain
Something About E3: Getting back to daily life
Community blogs of 06/25/10
Forum of the day: Screw Attack Gaming Convention ’10

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker


Red Faction: Armageddon impressions
How Shank saved my E3

Sonic convention: SonicCon 2010

Sony has ‘no plans’ for 3D PSP
I’m sorry: Nickelback track pack hits Rock Band next week
Molyneux: Wii and PlayStation Move seem the same
The wait for Beyond Good & Evil 2 will likely be long
King’s Quest tease suggests a Silver Lining after all
Seaman on the 3DS? Keep your fingers crossed!
No Final Fantasy XIV on the ‘closed’ Xbox 360
Molyneux says Black & White with Kinect would be ‘super cool’
MonkeyPaw Games bringing more PSOne classics
Deal North: $159 Wii, strange gift card deal and more
Free App of the Day: Dawn of the Dead
APB will have in-game audio ads
Activision thinks GoldenEye Wii exclusivity’s a good deal
Exclusive Kane & Lynch 2 demo hitting Xbox 360 in July
Marvel Universe invading LittleBigPlanet on July
Kinect playable at Microsoft stores
Double Fine hiring for ‘Original IP’

The catpocalypse is real, and it’s happening in TF2
Super Mario Bros. Crossover now has Ryu

Looks like Crysis 2 has the feeling of chaos nailed down
Behold the majestic Unibear
Atlus showing off some clever 3D Dot Heroes creations
Zombrex Dead Rising Sun trailer now in English
Here, have four minutes of brutal Splatterhouse footage
I was wrong: Justin Bieber = Kinect selling millions
3DS GPU can do impressive things

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