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Allistair Pinsof talked to Twisted Pixel about how horrible they were as babies. Also someone made this photo that freaks me the hell out.

Brian reviewed NCAA Football 12, San Diego Comic-Con is going to have some videogames, Kingdom Hearts 3 is never going to happen, the 3DS is getting Netflix, Nick checked out Resistance 3 and more happened 7/13/11.

Destructoid Original:
Podtoid 158: Salsa Snack
Live show: Mash Tactics play Fists of the North Star
Retrogazing with Twisted Pixel
New Destructoid Episode: 3DS Netflix, Popcap, and Aliens!

Freedom: Visible invisible walls

Contest: Win a Dtoid themed Xbox 360 Calibur11 Vault case

Review: Garshasp: The Monster Slayer
Review: NCAA Football 12

Insomniac brings killer atmosphere to Resistance 3
Preview: Madden NFL 12 for mobile devices

Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy dates and guests
Capcom at Comic-con: Panels, tournaments and goods
Ubisoft at Comic-Con: Rayman Origins, panels and more
SDCC: Dead Island pub hosting ‘Science of Zombies’ panel

New exclusive South Park game hurtling toward Xbox 360
Electronic Arts shutting down online for older games
Double Fine promises Europe will get Trenched
Free App of the Day: Kosmo Spin
Oh just f*ck off, Kingdom Hearts!
Final Fantasy XI could come to PlayStation Vita
Ad says Netflix for 3DS is coming ‘this Summer’
Component cable support rumored to drop from PS3
2K: XCOM changed because strategy games aren’t modern
Free challenge updates coming to Ms. Splosion Man
EA setting up its own exclusive little Android store?
Sony putting $20 million behind exclusive PSN content
Metal Sonic coming to Sonic Generations
Catherine: The Final Preview (Yes, it’s easier!)
Aliens: Colonial Marines has ‘last stands’ & ‘gauntlets’
Seriously, we need to be making a bigger deal of this
Molyneux on Kinect: People didn’t like PC mice, either!
Steam gets Breath of Death VII, Cthulhu Saves the World
Gamify launches network to help make a game out of life
Konami shows off early design of young Simon Belmont
Tomorrow’s 3DS update adds Netflix functionality
PC-exclusive shooter Hard Reset announced
Gaijin Games overviews Commander Video’s bit trip
Eden Eternal gets cute with mice in latest patch
Q-Games teases Casual Connect announcement with an image
Computer learns English so it can play Civilization
Final Fantasy Versus XIII still not in full production
More L.A. Noire content on the way, ‘game isn’t complete’
Bitmap Brothers’ Z is out for iPhone and iPad

Punch-out!! parody is a knockout

New Cargasm trailer reminds you that it still exists
Positech’s next game is Gratuitous Tank Battles
Activision reveals some Marvel-ous pre-order items

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