The Daily Hotness: Mr. Destructoid is marrying all the booth babes! (07/16/08)

Oh Mr. Destructoid, you’re such an amazing piece of sexy hunky metal. 

The E3 team put up several hands-on impressions, a new Halo game is in the works, GTA is coming to the DS, Reggie doesn’t understand all the disappointment, Kirby Super Star Ultra gets a release date, the Duke Nukem Trilogy trailer is awesomely bad, and plenty more happened on Wednesday.

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Harvest Moon 10 Year Anniversary Goods
E3 No’8: The Resentmentoid Podcast
SCANDAL: Mr. Destructoid proposed to both Nyko booth babes
Scraps: I really want a manwich today (7/16/08)

E3 Liveblogs:
Liveblogging the Konami press conference

E3 Hands-on and impressions previews:
Flock! hands on impressions
Wheelman hands-on
This is Vegas hands-on
Hands-on with Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
Fallout 3 hands-on
Hands-on with Mega Man 9
Hands on with Castlevania Judgement

E3 Contests:
Contest reminder – blog your brains out, win our swag

E3 News:
Miyamoto ‘flattered’ by Microsoft’s innovative new Mii system
Reggie can’t understand the disappointment
Rock Revolution dropping in early 2009, scissor kick bonuses confirmed.
GRIN to give Wanted the videogame treatment
Activision announces X-Men Origins: Wolverine title
Street Fighter IV arcade cabinets will be better than sex (in Japan)
Microsoft confirms a new Halo game is in the works
In case you didn’t hear: Grand Theft Auto coming to the DS
Tretton ‘disappointed’ in Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII decision
Guitar Hero IV will be compatible with Rock Band instruments for the 360
Miyamoto tells us why we don’t need Rock Band or Guitar Hero
Audio of roundtable with SCEA President and CEO Jack Tretton
Valkyria Chronicles not really on PSP
Rock Band merch that doesn’t really involve rocking out at all
A new Pikmin is in the works, says Miyamoto
Tretton speaks: PSP HDD and UMDs

E3 Trailers & Videos:
PS3 version of Eternal Sonata finally gets a release date
Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness
Teaser trailer for I Am Alive
Debut trailer for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Fusion
Debut trailer for DC Universe Online
Massive Action Game trailer is full of massive action, 256 players
New Resistance 2 screenshots and footage. The Leviathan is huge!
New Kirby Super Star Ultra info, dated for release
FUNimation spearheads anime content on PSN, with a Bones surprise inside
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II
Incredible Prince of Persia developer walkthrough
Darksiders: Wrath of War intro
Hydrophobia’s water effects will blow your mind
Sega’s Bayonetta is a fetish freak’s dream
Left 4 Dead main characters get redesigned
Duke Nukem Trilogy trailer is the worst trailer ever
Dragon Age: Origins demo footage
Trailer for Capcom’s quirky new downloadable title, Flock!

E3 Galleries:
LittleBigPlanet screens
New PSN titles: Fat Princess and Crash Commando
New PSN titles: Rag Doll Kung Fu, PAIN: Amusement Park and PixelJunk Eden
id Software, Raven Software’s Wolfenstein officially announced
‘Hot For Teacher,’ Hayley Williams confirmed for Guitar Hero: World Tour
Activision’s reveals new Spider-Man Web of Shadows screens at ‘not E3’
New Wario Land: Shake It screens are absolutely gorgeous
Back on the farm with Rune Factory 2
What’s Cooking? with Jamie Oliver
SOE’s The Agency makes progress with new concept art
Backyard Football 2009

Hit the jump for the non-E3 news.

Famitsu reveals Dead Rising for the Wii
Out now on XBLA: Double D Dodgeball, Coffeetime Crosswords, and more
Blizzard wins judgement in WoW bot case
Sims 2 IKEA expansion redecorates PC charts

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