The Daily Hotness: Mr. Destructoid has invaded Comic-Con 08! (07/24/08)

Destructoid and Tomopop, have invaded Comic-Con 2008. They’re running around, screwing newlyweds, collecting a ton of swag and getting drunk off their asses. Oh, and they’re covering all things videogames and toys too.

Niero checks out Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, we have another new contest containing some nice Comic-Con swag, Nick previews Midnight Club: Los Angeles, the animated Dead Space movie looks awesome, and plenty more happened on Thursday.  

Thursday Regulars:
Podtoid 62: Beefburgers
RetroforceGO! records episode 54 tonight: Goemon, with special guest Aiya
PlayStation Store update: horror, cheaper games, Eden, and Nine Inch Nails
YTMND Thursday: The wildest ride of your life, edition
Scraps: Requiem for a Robocop (7/24/08)

Comic-Con 08:
Your wife asked my friends to suck her purple penis party edition
CONTEST: Win our sweet Spider-Man 2: Web of Shadows swag
Too lazy to cosplay? Come get yo’ hair did like Astro Boy
Hands-on with Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
Enter the Metal Gear Online tournament, possibly win money ‘n swag
EA and DC team up for Mirror’s Edge comic book
New Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 trailer is a let down

Cruisin’ the City of Angeles with Rockstar’s Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Destructoid review:
NCAA Football 2009

Watchmen episodic game in works: Alan Moore shoots self, then turns in grave
Hey Nintendo, secrecy isn’t always such a great thing
Reggie: Wii’s storage problem an ‘urgent’ issue
Unreal Engine 4: More brown in the distant console future
Super Bear Arcade: The best arcade at the highest altitude
WildTangent: consoles dead by 2020, PC to reign supreme
New Splinter Cell game coming out eventually, just not any time soon
Get into the Resistance 2 beta by watching ads [Update]
Grand Theft Auto IV to PC confirmed
Check out Yamaha’s WiiMusic-like device
Unlock all the classes in the Too Human demo
Captain Obvious: Guitar Hero note charts are unnecessarily difficult
Home’s release date ‘doesn’t matter’ to Hirai: June 2045 launch confirmed
Gary Oldman spills the beans on Dark Knight game

New The Sims 3 screens confirm ‘doing stuff’ and ‘being people’ gameplay

Trailers & Videos:
Bikes and planes: New Burnout Paradise footage is a real crowd pleaser
Dead Space Downfall trailer

Jack Thompson is a pretty funny guy

A cast of thousands: Guybrush Threepwood

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