The Daily Hotness: Mortal Kombat

So something is about to happen with Mortal Kombat. What is it going to be? A new game? A new movie? Here’s a clue! Do check out this awesome trailer though.

Ben checked out the newest MAG DLC, Epic sent us a disgusting package, Nick reviewed Green Day: Rock Band, win tickets to E3, Sipder-Man 2099 looks pretty badass, DJ Hero 2 is a thing and more happened on 06/08/10.

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Green Day: Rock Band

Returning to MAG with Interdiction DLC

Win two passes to E3 courtesy of Nyko

Respawn heads will be making an E3 announcement
Namco’s E3 announcements may include Natal, Move and 3D
Rare teases E3 announcement, probably not Killer Instinct
Pre-E3: Eric Clapton, ‘drumless’ drums, and more revealed for Power Gig
Pre-E3: Spider-Man 2099 revealed for Shattered Dimensions
Pre-E3: It’s a Power Gig video blow out!
Itagaki to show off his new game at E3 this year
Yakuza 4 to be playable at E3
Pre-E3: Atlus and Frozenbyte to partner on digital title
Sony on their reason for so many pre-E3 reveals
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Super Meat Boy blog reveals new cameos and details
War for Cybertron preorder bonuses jump the Sharkticon
Oh by the way, Farmville is coming to iPhone
Indie point-and-click Jolly Rover released for PC, Mac
Fable III screenshot is a screenshot of Fable III
Nintendo to release ‘midnight blue’ DSi XL on July 11
DJ Hero 2 confirmed for October
Parent outraged by educational videogame… seriously
Free App of the Day: Gravity Well
UK Charts: Red Dead is still on top… again!
Telltale making episodic Jurassic Park game, for realz!
Astro A30 Headset: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker edition
Sony trademarks ‘Playview,’ registers ‘Step you game up’
EA sued for copyright infringement over ‘Active’ name
Forza 3 gets the ‘Summer Velocity Car Pack’
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Red Dead Redemption moves five million units
Don’t act too surprised: Max Payne 3 delayed
Games on Demand for Windows gets some non-LIVE titles
Scott Pilgrim + ‘River City Ransom-esque’ = SOLD
Fallout: New Vegas using Steam as its DRM
Jeri Ryan explains the Mortal Kombat clip

Thank 2K Sports for making Snoop Dogg look truly silly
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Here is the next Guitar Hero controller
This trailer for Kane & Lynch 2 is piquing my interest
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West E3 trailer makes me happy
Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon announced for DS
What is this badass Mortal Kombat video teasing?
This is what The Sims 3 will look like on consoles
Red Dead short film now viewable online in its entirety

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