The Daily Hotness: Morphin Time!

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Yes! There’s going to be new Power Rangers games. I’m so excited. Along with that bit of news, Max Scoville and I brought you a ton of previews for some upcoming Namco Bandai games. Ace Combat is getting revamped, Inversion looks fun and I made Max preview all the games I didn’t want to because I’m a dick.

Hollie reviewed Venetica, Halo HD is rumored again, there’s a Zombies Ate My Neighbors film in the works, Conduit is coming to the 3DS and more happened on 2/4/11.

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Review: Venetica

Armored Core V to be a rebirth of the series
Inversion is all about gravity manipulation
Dark Souls team wants you to die a lot
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon revitalizing the series
Preview: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3
I pretended to be a clock in Body and Brain Connection
Pac-Man & Galaga 3DS is better with the 3D off
ExerBeat is a fun exercise game for the Wii
Preview: Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive for PSP
Hands-on: DualPenSports for the 3DS
Hands-on: TNA Wrestling iMPACT! for iOS/Android
Hands-on: Knights Contract

PAX East 3-day passes expected to sell out soon

Rumor: Halo: Combat Evolved HD remake this holiday
Fallout ‘Dead Money’ headed to PS3, PC; more add-ons soon
Killzone NGP developed by Cambridge Studio
High Voltage is working on Conduit for 3DS
Namco Bandai publishing Dark Souls and Armored Core V
Why not? Zombies Ate My Neighbors film in development
Kojima’s being vague again, mentions ‘Devil Project’
More Bob Marley headed to Rock Band next week
There are going to be new Power Ranger games!!!
PlayStation Plus members get Double Fine’s Stacking free
MTV Games closes its doors
Conduit developer making Kinect title for 2K
Kinect hacked to recognize hand-drawn buttons
Deal North: Target deals and iPhone trade-up
Words can hardly convey how ludicrous Hot Throttle is
Back to the Future: The Game dated for PSN

The latest episode of Community does Dungeons & Dragons

Watch Jane McGonigal on Colbert Report
Cover your ears, EA reveals Battlefield 3 with new teaser
New Ridge Racer Unbounded has a Burnout vibe
Raptor dibs: New trailer for Primal Carnage
DiRT 3 dated May 24th
New Gods Eater Burst trailer features a teddy bear suit

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