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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero has a lot of fun (and funny) weapons, but there’s no topping the moose head, in my mind. The electric rake and dual-chainsaw paddle thing tie for second place.

We learned about the supposedly magical new Xbox 360 controller, heard the release dates for a lot of great Xbox LIVE Arcade titles, talked about a certain puffball who is made of string, had a triple-attack of reviews, and some other stuff happened on 8/31/10.

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Rumor: Microsoft may be making a better directional pad
Amazon has Wii deals all day long
Super Meat Boy releasing on XBLA October 20th
Puzzle Quest 2 coming to PSP
Mafia II ‘Jimmy’s Vendetta’ coming September 7
Dodonpachi Resurrection on the iPhone: 30k in 4 days
EA defends online pass plan
Yakuza PSP demo for you, not just Japan
Xbox 360 D-Pad redesign confirmed
New Split/Second content, paid and free, hits this week
EEDAR: Xbox Live price hike is ‘incredible value’
Smackdown 2011 pre-order incentives make their entrance
Free App of the Day: Spark It Up
Professor Layton’s men vs women San Francisco challenge
Kirby’s Epic Yarn inspired by stop-motion movie
Ubisoft: Only triple-A games are profitable
Pirate-y ‘Barnacle Bay’ content for Sims 3 announced
Microsoft: Kinect is as fast as pushing a button
Medal of Honor undermines the values of New Zealand
Kirby’s Epic Yarn designed to ‘appeal to everyone’
Ubisoft teasing something with film poster knock-offs
PS3 exclusive Malicious looks pretty damn sexy
AMD kills the ATI name for their cards and chips
Pinball FX 2 releasing in October as a free download
Ghost of Sparta special edition PSP isn’t a PSPgo
Wii Balance Board supported massage game Love Press++
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Ultimate Edition detailed
Comic Jumper, Hydrophobia, and more dated, priced
UNICO touts it ruins Mafia II party, doesn’t really
Twisted Pixel at PAX: Ukulele performances, prizes, more
Dave Mustaine brings ‘ass kicking’ to Guitar Hero
Pachter: Xbox Live to get $100 Platinum service

Wii remote vibrating sex aids: It had to happen
Dead Rising 2’s Chuck Greene: Father of the Year
11-year-old’s Mario collection is bigger than yours

Cabela’s North American Adventures actually looks great
Hothead tells us what it’s like to be a game developer
Video, more images of Kinect beta experience leaks

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