The Daily Hotness: Modern Warfare 3 blowout

Well, today was the day. Activision’s Call of Duty XP kicked off earlier with a presentation and full reveal of the game’s multiplayer. Some big changes were made, but only time will tell.

We got hands-on with Modern Warfare 3, previewed SoulCalibur V, and all kinds of Call of Duty news happened on 9/2/2011

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Community blogs of 9/2/11

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Squids: Kind of like Angry Birds meets Shining Force 
DC Universe Online gettin’ some free DLC Sep 6th
Some choices are no take-backs in The Secret World
Persona 2: Innocent Sin hits PSP on Sept 20, new trailer
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Weekend PC download deals: CoD, Digital Game Factory
Seminar on working in the Japanese games industry
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Call of Duty Elite ‘Premium’ gets priced at $49.99 a year
Limited Edition Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 announced
Elite brings Facebook, clan support to Modern Warfare 3
New mode and custom game types come to Modern Warfare 3
Modern Warfare 3 introduces a whole new Killstreak system
All the weapons, perks and more in Modern Warfare 3 
Avalanche: DRM is a ‘threat’ to entertaining experiences
Guild Wars 2 devs focusing on eSports
Ain’t Trollin: Rock of Ages PC is getting extra goodies
EA: Call of Duty’s going to get some ‘real competition’
The Final Frontier: Star Trek Online going Free-to-Play
Driver: San Francisco dev defends ‘always on’ DRM
Sledgehammer’s third-person Call of Duty cancelled
Namco and Tecmo’s new PS3 game might be One Piece Musou
Dungeon Siege III to have ‘Treasures of the Sun’ DLC
THQ details co-op play in Warhammer 40k: Space Marine
Assassin’s Creed multiplayer beta kicks off this weekend

Valkyria Chronicles 3 Extra Edition now has a trailer
A nice mix of Vita screens to tease you
Aliens: Infestation trailer is short but so very sweet
Watch the debut Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer trailer
The Serious Sam 3: BFE helpline for f*cking pussies!
Asura’s Wrath gets some ANGRY screenshots RAWR!
Driver: San Francisco has a pretty intense launch trailer

Liam Fisher