The Daily Hotness: Mega Man, did you lose weight?

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IGN revealed a trailer for the upcoming Mega Man Universe, featuring an extremely lanky Mega Man pew-pewing his way through levels composed of Mega Man 2 assets. Then 1UP and GameSpot dropped their own trailers, starring a more normal-proportioned Rockman and the US box art mistake Mega Man respectively. All exciting stuff. When can I give you my money, Capcom?

Today’s recaps cover Wednesday as well as Thursday. The newest Bit Transmission episode is finally available, DtoidAustin had a killer NARP, and King Dedede is also made out of string.

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DtoidAustin NARP: game on at Game Over
Community blogs of 09/01/10
Community blogs of 09/02/10

Review Round-Up: The Games of August

First living room impressions: PlayStation Move
Hands-on: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
Hands-on: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions for the DS
Hands-on: John Daly ProStroke Golf
Impressions: Shogun 2: Total War

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Destructoid wall graphics now on sale + CONTEST!

PAX Prime 10:
Destructoid LIVE at PAX Prime: Stuff that’s happening
There will be new Mega Man Universe stuff at PAX
Killzone 3 multiplayer playable at PAX, plus free goodies
Jam City Rollergirl game to make debut at PAX
inFAMOUS 2 playable at PAX Prime

Recettear the item-shop RPG on Steam, Gamersgate Sept 10
Yun and Yang hinted for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade
Holy crap, Sony’s making an urban jungle game
Rumor: Sony to reveal music/video service for PS3, PSP
Activision: Bond games are just as important as the films
Valve has ‘three pretty big surprises’ over the next year
Call of Duty: Black Ops beta imminent? (Update)
Free App of the Day: Pandora War
Shadow Complex dev reveals Unreal Engine 3 iDevice game
Telltale’s Back to the Future is off to a good start
Free preview of Fallout: New Vegas comic on iTunes
Zeno Clash only 800 MS Points on XBL this week
StarCraft II sells 3 million in one month
New Valkyria Chronicles all but confirmed by teaser site
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD hits iPad next week
Here’s the reason why GoldenEye 007 is on the Wii
Retail Super Mario collection coming to Wii… in Japan
Xbox Live 12-month cards for $30 (Update)
Of course RZA’s in DJ Hero 2
Ghost of Sparta demo coming for PS Plus subscribers
A good cause: Make a music video for The Midnight Riders
Ubisoft officially reveals Bloody Good Time
OnLive rolling out Wi-Fi beta this month, plus… deals!
Capcom wants Resident Evil 6 out soon, so do we
Battle vs. Chess hits shelves September 28
Devil May Cry 5 to have a ‘Western touch’
Blood Drive car combat game from Activision leaked
New details on Tokyo Jungle confirm that yep, it’s weird
Crackdown 2’s Toy Box DLC is out now!
Trials HD dev announce new WiiWare game MotoHeroz
Best Buy rewards their Gamers Club with ringtones?
Conduit 2 delayed until 2011, getting new control options
Rock Band Avatar ‘rocks’ Xbox Live or something

Bejeweled turns 10, PopCap sends us… this
Lost Wave Race Easter Egg makes game talk s**t

Check out these vicious Malicious screenshots
New images as reports point to Arkham City multiplayer
Move-supported rodeo game hitting PSN this fall
Mortal Kombat trailer: Ah, the ol’ fall-on-a-spike trick
Is this what inspired Kirby’s Epic Yarn?
Mass Effect 2 ‘Shadow Broker’ trailer impresses
Many Spidey faces in Shattered Dimensions launch vid
Call of Duty: Black Ops ‘Wager Matches’ revealed
First shots of Super Meat Boy’s ‘teh internets’
First look at Mega Man Universe in action
H.A.W.X. 2 as an 8-bit ‘pew pew pew’
Shogun 2 Total War trailer beautiful, dishonorable
New screens, trailer capture essence of FEAR 3
Action-RPG Bastion revealed for PC and consoles
A look at Guitar Hero’s crazy Warriors of Rock

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