The Daily Hotness: Max Scoville is smooth

Oh that Max Scoville. So smooth.

On a more serious note, check out the Gamers Love Japan special. It warms the heart knowing how much the gaming community cares.

Destructoid Originals:
New Destructoid Episode: Mega Man, Hentai, and Poop Nukem
Jokes aside…
Live Show: We’re playing Dishwasher 2 early on Hangover
Sundays with Sagat: Sexy meow meow Tetris meow

Wondercon 11:
Wondercon 11: Afternoon cosplay round-up
Wondercon 11: Holy improved attendance, Batman!
Wondercon 11: Angry Birds crap is everywhere
Wondercon 11: Day two cosplay round-up

Win The OneUps albums, shirts and more!
Contest: Win Yakuza 4 for the PlayStation 3!

Review: Samurai Warriors Chronicles

Steam tempts you with indie game ‘Potato Sack’ sale
First episode of Telltale’s Back to the Future now free
Ratings board outs ‘Burnout Crash’
Super Crate Box updated to fix scoring error
Platinum Games CEO seeks Japanese games revival
Angry Birds Rio downloaded 10 million times in 10 days
Unreleased NES game Bio Force Ape is f#@king beast
[Update] Resident Evil: Begins [not]unveiled as a prequel
Ninja Gaiden III details emerge, suggest ‘darker’ Ryu
OMG!!! Capcom made a Mario game!
Tomb Raider franchise director jumps to LucasArts
140+ free levels hit Super Meat Boy PC
Persona 3 Portable dated for Europe
Madden NFL co-creator suing EA for royalties
Official Fez papercraft’s subtle irony REVEALED
ESRB describes Alice: Madness Returns, says it has combat
Monster World IV also coming to Virtual Console
What’s this? A Bit.Trip 3D teaser image?
Go watch this hour-long documentary about Volition
Fight for Relief: A Charity Tournament for Japan
CD Projekt wants The Witcher 2 to be polished and mature
New Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D details and teaser video
Waste your Sunday by finding Valve ARG potato connections

The Elder Scrolls V: Penisfinger

Gorge on these lovely Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim shots
MLG Pro Circuit 2011 streaming live now!
First SSX dev diary makes us sad with no gameplay
No Resident Evil: Revelations until 2012, some new art
‘Gamers Heart Japan’ special is live!
How two studios are approaching Thor: God of Thunder

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