The Daily Hotness: Max Scoville is a deadbeat

PAX was awesome, and even a few days after the fact, the community is still talking about it. If you check out our thread of the day, forum-goer G0bun claims that Scoville bummed some cigs and promised a pack in return. He should get on that.

In legitimate gaming news, Team Bondi is shutting down because it can’t pay its bills and Australian PS3 sales jump 400%, and more happened on 9/1/11. What a sad, weird day.

Destructoid Original:

A Space Marine could beat up your favorite game hero

Forum thread of the day: Max Scoville owes me a Pack of Cigarettes
Community blogs of 9/1/11

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New Section 8: Prejudice maps hit PSN September 13
Aussie Dtoiders set for the Lame Game charity marathon
Ultima IV now free on Good Old Games
Street Fighter X Tekken: Box art, new teaser trailers
New 3DS games: Thor: God of Thunder & Captain America
Project Zomboid gets an update and a Desura release
Capcom aggressively seeking overseas partners
Team Bondi closes its doors and enters administration
Capcom announce Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike DLC packs
Bethesda not interested in Elder Scrolls MMO
Both Persona 4 sites open, not much to look at yet
Free Red Dead Redemption DLC hits September 13
PS3 sales increase 400% in Australia
Tower defense + card trading = Sega’s Samurai BloodShow
Namco X Tecmo site hints ‘Produced by W(omega)-Force’
Uncharted Dual Pack hits retail next week
Ni no Kuni’s bundled PS3 is golden, pretty
Petroglyph’s Rise of Immortals on for September 12 launch
Huge Call of Duty sale on XBLA and PSN
Read this Dead Island comic book in your browser now
Deadly Premonition’s Raincoat Killer could get own game
Skyrim will not fix bugs … if they’re fun
Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Collection ready for Japan

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Here’s an action montage for Jurassic Park: The Game
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Second Dark Souls prologue video is foreboding
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The War of the Worlds gets new screens and a trailer
Mesmerizing fast-paced footage of Dyad
Tim Schafer and Cookie Monster are quite the duo
Europeans got a Mighty Switch Force trailer in 3D
The Real Texas looks like a lo-fi trip
Ratchet & Clank All 4 One has giant balls of power
Fruit F*cker spotted in second Ms. Splosion Man challenge

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