The Daily Hotness: Master Chief will never be in IMAX 3D

Tons of great stuff for you broskidudes today. We have contests, awesome community things, tons of news, a review an explanation behind the total lack of Halo movie. So… yeah. Get up onz this.

Destructoid Original: 
Nordic New Wave: Technology and the new social game

Community blogs of 4/19
Forum thread of the day: Bloodspray’s One Man roadshow
Dreaming: Social Experiment
Destructoid vs Xbox recap and a tease of future events!

Win a copy of The Witcher 2 Dark Edition and more!

Review: Colors! 3D 

The latest Humble Bundle hugs trees and incites drama
Sony’s new controller patent is um, interesting
Fashionably late: Noitu Love 2 headed to Steam next week
DreamHack EIZO Open is this weekend, stream for free!
Trendy is hosting a Dungeon Defenders map contest
Microsoft’s unwillingness to compromise killed Halo film
PS Vita sales hit another record low in Japan
Prey 2 not canceled, but delayed until at least 2013
Nintendo DLC: Kid Icarus, the good one
Konami announces DanceDanceRevolution Classroom Edition
Gamers punish man suing Ubisoft with Amazon review-bombs
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy preorder gets you this stylus
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron brings the Grimlock 
Major update for Plants vs. Zombies iOS released
Mileena is next Mortal Kombatant seen in live action ads
PlayStation Suite SDK open beta available to the public

Rapper Random produced a short, sweet Journey remix album
Feast of Fiction says Poffins are not just for Pokemon
Behind the hats, Team Fortress 2’s short, funny story

BloodForge developers shed light on their dark game
Boot Hill Heroes is an EarthBound-inspired Old West RPG
Extra Credits explains Firefall’s ‘staged content’
Meet the happy zombie-hunting family of Lollipop Chainsaw
Notch releases new teaser for space sim 0x10c 

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