The Daily Hotness: Man in Japan

This is a song about Dale North. Seriously.

A Bulletstorm players shows us how to score big in the demo, Conrad details some of his favorite XBL Indie games, Jim talks about the price of games, we reviewed Two Worlds II, I checked out Shift 2: Unleashed, El Shaddai has a release date and more happened on 1/31/11.

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Xbox Indie weekly: Asteroid pooping, Japanese maids
Oh no, sixty dollars for eight hours? Just … shut up
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C Blogs of 1/31
Forum thread of the day: YouTube Finds

Win the new Tactics Ogre & a bunch of FF Tactics games!

Review: Two Worlds II

Hands-on: Shift 2: Unleashed

Blip Festival coming back to New York this May

Samurai Warriors Chronicles gets online co-op, DLC
UK Charts: Dead Space 2 plasma cuts LBP2 down to size
A Dead Space movie? Only if it’s worthwhile!
Dungeon Siege III offers no XP to co-op players
Nintendo has ‘no short term plans’ for 3DS Lite
El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron goes gold
Know your Dragon Quest, win a chance to meet its creator
Dungeon Defenders pushed back a few months
PlayStation Move Heroes getting bundled with Move
Nintendo DLC: Dolphins, predictions, and diaries
Brian Wilson gets the call in this MLB 2K11 short film
Yes, please! Pac-Man CE arrives on PSP Minis tomorrow
Hollywood to cash in with Angry Birds Rio this March
Madden Bowl XVII to be broadcast live on ESPN3
Can you dig it? 2011 IGF Audience Award voting now open
D&D: Daggerdale story will span three games
Rock Band 3 title update live on 360, soon for PS3
Cloud saving on the horizon for PlayStation 3
Buy your official Double Fine stacking dolls now

Bit.Trip FLUX’s debut trailer is here
Interstellar Marines shows you why you should sign up
Sega Rally Online Arcade announced for XBLA, PSN
Watch this to get ready for the Fight Night Champion demo
Sony details the PS1-to-PSN process, mentions Tombi!
Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell HD collections in March
Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword announced
Caddies are a big part of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12
Atlus’ Devil Survivor port for 3DS looks pretty
The Star Fox team are great wingmen

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