The Daily Hotness: MAGFest is nigh

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MAGFest is on the way! Do you know what your fellow Destructoid peeps are going to be up to at the event? We have a handy guide that will fill you in on all the details.

Our CES coverage continues as Dale checked out Game Church, leaked hardware specs for the new PlayStation Phone appeared, Microsoft (sort of) addressed the clear desire for Kinect PC applications and a bunch more happened on 1/7/2011.

CES 2011:
CES: says Jesus would game, drink beer
CES: Razer Onza Xbox 360 controllers are slick
CES: The big reveal of the show
CES: Your context-free WTF video of the day
CES: Xbox 360’s services are ‘richer’ and ‘more social’
CES: Avatar Kinect technology could come to games
CES: Impressions of the new Nyko line-up
CES: MS: Kinect may be hard to find in early 2011
CES: iPad Fling controller is pretty awesome
CES: A wild 3DS accessories appears from Power A

Destructoid Originals:
Destructoid Live: Donkey Kong Returns

The top three things gamers should care about less
How to get down with Destructoid at MAGFest

Review: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Game Informer’s Skyrim cover tease already translated
HMV selling Killzone: Helghast Edition for £112
PlayStation Phone leak details specs, PS Pocket software
Dragon Age II DLC already announced, The Exiled Prince
Nintendo: You win with great content
Rock Band DLC: Linkin Park is crawling in your skin
Spector bored by games focusing on graphics and combat
Free App of the Day: Babylonian Twins: Chapter 1
Zeit2, other Xbox LIVE content and deals dated
Microsoft will support Kinect on PC ‘in the right time’
Thief 4 to make GDC 2011 appearance
Torchlight XBLA improved PC sequel, DLC possible
Nintendo considering Super Mario All-Stars Wii reprint
Sega lists Total War: Shogun 2 PC requirements
Shatter dev focusing more on digital distribution
Bethesda briefly talks Skyrim level scaling
Play Castle Crashers well, win a golden Xbox 360

Kinect hack shows how awesome an Ultraman game could be
Angry Birds board game is a real thing and I want it!

Here’s the latest batch of Dynasty Warriors 7 art
Cliff Bleszinski makes grandpa proud with Bulletstorm
Catch a first look at MLB 2K11 in this trailer
See dudes get messed up in Fight Night Champion

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