The Daily Hotness: Machinarium is amazing

As Chad said in his preview of Machinarium, it’s probably the best game you most likely have never heard of. This game was the savior of E For All for Chad and I (detailed E For All recap coming soon). The game is beautiful, fun, and I just can’t wait for this to come out next year. Check out Chad’s preview of the game to find out all about it. 

We reviewed Silent Hill: Homecoming, Nick tries Mirror’s Edge’s Time Trial mode, some guy ranks every single NES game, LittleBigPlanet can do your math homework, and plenty more happened on 10/07/08.

Tuesday Regulars:
Game Debate to the Death! Twisted Metal 2 VS Resident Evil 2
Games time forgot: Blue Shift
RetRose Tinted: Rad Gravity

New releases for this week

TGS 08:
Square Enix to unveil a game controlled by your brain … seriously

Destructoid reviews:
Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals
Silent Hill: Homecoming

My Faith is faster than yours: Speeding through Mirror’s Edge’s Time Trial mode
Machinarium: The best game you (most likely) have never heard of

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Peter Molyneux talks Fable II DLC
Nintendo trademarks ‘DSSCAN’… could this use the DSi camera?
Want three tracks from Silent Hill: Homecoming for free?
DICE announce Mirror’s Edge Remix ALBUM, get your booty shake on
Cliff Bleszinski calls Call of Duty-like development cycles ‘soulless’
The AirG comes packed with PopStar Guitar: fancy!
Grasshopper licenses Unreal Engine 3, rainbows no longer possible
Xbox 360 version of Age of Conan not a ‘key priority’
Free Infinite Undiscovery DLC up on Marketplace
Captain Obvious: Pachter says Wii HD is certain in the future
Nintendo Points not exactly multiplatform
Politician called out for being a Halo player
Nintendo employee describes his first day at work without describing it
Halo fans read? New Halo book this November

Every NES game ever made, listed in order of awesome

Heavy Rain screens just the kind of downpour I was hoping for
New Scene It game on the horizon, first game to use Avatars
These Legendary screens look an awful lot like a tentacle rave

NBA 2K9’s Living Rosters and release date(s)
Silent Hill trailer: This is why they say you can never go home again
An over-the-top Disaster: Day of Crisis trailer
Firestarting, cooking and shark escaping in Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked
1 + 1 = WIN! Working calculator created in LittleBigPlanet

C Blogs of 10/07/08
Luigi not so awkward anymore: check out this custom-made figure

EarthBound faceplate should make fans smile

Hamza Aziz