The Daily Hotness: Lightning

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As seen on Weekend D: Dtoider listentomboogs does a rap called “Mark II – Lightning” based on Final Fantasy XIII. Check out his blog for another gaming-themed rap!

Cliffy B wants to punch Max Scoville in the face, Holmes reviewed Prinny 2, a man tunneled into a GameStop and some more things happened over the weekend.

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Community blogs of 1/15 & 1/16
Forum thread of the day: Minecraft

Contest: Win a Sumo Lounge beanbag chair of your choice!

Review: Zeit^2
Review: Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood!

Mega Man Legends 3 dev update is looking mighty fine
Mortal Kombat web series in the works
The Last Story has ‘no shake controls’, other details
NPD: Epic Mickey sells 1.3 million and other surprises
Dynasty Warriors 7 latest details
Man arrested for tunneling into a GameStop

Mother 3 Adventure Time mash up gets me giddy
A dramatic reading of a badly written game review

Two Worlds II dev diary talks changes
Indie game Chester has a signature style
The Last Story commercial is … wait, is that Ganondorf?
League of Evil brings over 50 levels of old school to iOS
Moms outraged by Dead Space 2

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