The Daily Hotness: Left Hand Milk Stout

My favorite beers are definitely the stouts. They’re thick, full-bodied and packed with flavor, without being too nuanced. With Trappist ales, for example, I always feel like I need to focus on the taste because there’s so much there. Stouts are nice and calm, relaxing beers.

I had my first shot at a milk stout just last week at a microbrewery in Illinois. I liked it, but I figured if I tried a bit, I could find some better ones near my home in the Twin Cities. So, I hit up Surdyk’s (a massive liquor store in Downtown Minneapolis) and started hunting.

I settled on the Left Hand, and I’ve been pretty pleased. The nose is reminiscent of Stone’s Imperial Russian. It tastes like a delicious mixture of coffee and chocolate with a playful, creamy sweetness.

I’m three beers into this pack and I’m definitely picking up another soon. Fan-freaking-tastic. 

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