The Daily Hotness: KUNG-FU BEAR!

This bear is awesome! [Via The Awesomer]

Mustin of the OneUps will steal your sh*t, Dale checked out Puzzle Quest 2, Super Street Fighter IV is on sale all over the place, Sadness is dead and more happened on 05/25/10.

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Mustin of the OneUps won’t give Dale’s TV back


Community blogs of 05/26/10
Forum of the day: The lack of good jetpack / flying person games

Paint the town with Shaun White Skateboarding
Puzzle Quest 2’s Tournament Mode is your new timesink

Guerrilla owns up to infamous Killzone 2 E3 trailer
Rumor: Sony to reveal “PSN+” service at E3 2010
Oh by the way, Sadness was canceled
Super Street Fighter IV on sale at Gamestop, Amazon
Keyboards teased for Rock Band 3 in Green Day demo
Google’s Pac-Man tribute sapped productivity
Legendary Pictures picks up Mass Effect theatrical rights
Confirmed: J. Allard, Robbie Bach leave Microsoft
Front Mission Evolved dated for September in Japan
Enslaved to get ‘story-based’ DLC
Free App of the Day: Buster Red
Fire Emblem series gets another DS remake
Two hours of gaming = doing a line of coke
Insomniac partners with EA for future 360, PS3 title
Ubisoft’s new Toronto studio, new Splinter Cell game
Sony has more games in the pipeline, hooraaaaaay!
Doom II brings imps, demons to Xbox LIVE Arcade this week
Rockstar looking at making a Wii title?
Better late than never, Half-Life 2 comes to Mac tomorrow
Phoenix Wright now available for iThings like the iPhone
DJ Max Portable 3 set to crush your dreams this year
Kmart has some games on the cheap
Warrior Within comes with Prince of Persia: TFS on Steam
This week in Games on Demand, Xbox LIVE deals, and more

Capsized is a thing that I want very much
Splatterhouse trailer gets splattery up in your house
Fancy-pants skins: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sand
Amazon outs Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
Just Cause 2 ‘Boom Pack’ DLC available, sounds batty
Some memorable moments from the Halo: Reach beta
The ladies of Super Street Fighter IV get new outfits
Xenoblade ads are packed with epic RPG Wii-ness
Latest Alpha Protocol trailer confirms it’s still a game!

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