The Daily Hotness: #KOF12

Hamza has the day off, so I will be presenting your daily recap this evening. Which means it’s probably been done wrong. But that’s alright, because a ton of stuff happened today. Awesome stuff, because that’s what we do here.

We ripped Twitter a new one with our KOF XII contest, the team at SDCC continued to rock, Brad declared I-No to be Badass of the Month, Nick gave us another peek at the new NXE, and you’ve got two new podcast episodes to get you through the weekend. Not bad, 7/24/09. Not bad at all.

Win 3 MAINGEAR PCs in the Call of Duty raffle & tournament
King of Fighters Twitter party is a go! Win copies of KoFXII

San Diego Comic-Con Originals:
Fanboy Friday: Comic-Con Edition
SDCC: Chatting about New Orleans in Left 4 Dead 2

SDCC: Hands on with Need for Speed: Nitro
SDCC: Preview: South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense
SDCC: Preview: Shadow Complex

San Diego Comic-Con News:
SDCC: EA to prostitute its booth babes for you, the customer

SDCC: South Park does tower defense, pees in snowballs
SDCC: Sigourney Weaver involved with Avatar: The Game
SDCC: Shadow Complex is speed run friendly, has Achievement
SDCC: Bulletproof zombies added to Left 4 Dead 2’s roster
SDCC: Shadow Complex is your new Metroidvania
SDCC: Bayonetta Xbox 360 looks as sexy as the game
SDCC: New Uncharted 2 co-op mode, Gold Rush, debuts
SDCC: South Park does tower defense, pees in snowballs

Destructoid Originals:
The Daily Hotness: Time Paradox Edition
Badass of the Month Club: I-No
Interview: Nintendo’s Bill Trinen on Wii Sports Resort
Art Attack Friday: Jalonso’s pixelart
Indie Nation: Time Gentlemen, Please

Friday Night Fights: ‘Sploding, anyone? edition
A picture of a dog Monodi posted that I thought was cool
Forum of the day: ‘Cause I can!

RetroforceGO! episode 96: Pinball
The Podcastle episode 39: How much for MW!?

Preview: Astro Boy
Video: Avatar Marketplace walkthrough
Video: Netflix NXE update is ‘neat’

Animal Crossing DLC now online: Pikmin spaceship edition
SNK Playmore promises optimized online for KOF XII
ZOMGTROUSERS! Halo 3: ODST isn’t in HD
NXE update preview available to public starting Monday
Killzone 2 Double XP weekend is underway
Soulcalibur gets eternally retold on PSP this September
Who the hell is buying Dragon Quest IX?
Xbox Live Indie Games receive major permanent price drop
2K: Borderlands is an apple
LEGO Rock Band gets Bon Jovi, Counting Crows, more
Rock Band DLC: Weezer, Kiss, Blink-182
id launches new site for RAGE, with secret exclusives

Dragon Age: Origins special edition has night vision sausage
Wii Sports Resort report: A beach … in Times Square?!
Halo Legends looks a bit like M.A.S.K

Halo 3: ODST screenshots and trailer overload!
Codemasters throws four DiRT 2 videos at us, we watch them
SNK and Ignition launch KOF XII DOT Graphics Gallery
Scribblenauts trailer just makes us smile
This Call of Duty 4-inspired animated short is beautiful

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