The Daily Hotness: Kitties!

I have nothing for tonight, so here’s a picture of three cats in a pot. Yup.

Jim Sterling sucks at Guitar Hero, the Ronathon charity drive was a success, Chris checked out WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011, X-Men: Destiny is a thing, get the Comic Jumper ringtone, a Halo movie is being rumored again and more happened on 10/07/10.

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Jim Sterling playing 2112 for Destructoid charity
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Dolphin Wetness Podcast, Ronathon Proper Statistics and the All Star Podcast

Swords and Soldiers

Getting the smackdown on WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011
Hands-on with Homefront’s multiplayer

Win Enslaved artwork and other goodies!

NYCC: Play Michael Jackson The Experience at Comic-Con
NYCC: X-Men: Destiny announced
NYCC: Marvel Super-Hero Squad playable at Comic-Con
NYCC: GoldenEye 007 and Blood Stone playable


Get the Comic Jumper ringtone and be awesome
GoldenEye 007 devs talk villains, weapons and choices
Nintendo’s Wii Remote Plus releasing November 11th
Nintendo releasing Mario 25th Anniversary Wii
GAME: Pre-owned market not harmed by online passes
Kirby’s Epic Yarn was originally a new IP
Sega pulling older, crapper Sonic games from stores
Best Buy responds to critics of PS3 firmware install fee
Gears of War 3 getting beta and DEDICATED SERVERS
World of Warcraft boasts 12 million subscribers
Killzone 3 beta open to PS Plus subscribers only
Dead Nation will have on- and offline co-op
No jumping in Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, if you want
Rumor: DreamWorks might bring us the Halo film
Good Old Games gets another noteworthy RPG: Icewind Dale
Next up for StarCraft II: Zerg improvements
Gearbox trying to make old Duke Nukem pre-orders matter

An epic game of D&D starring Penny Arcade and Wil Wheaton
Today’s best thing: LEGO Pokemon

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved has cool online features
Rune Factory 3 has gone gold, releases November 9th
New Splatterhouse screens and soundtrack details
Japanese Kinect commercial is short but stupid
Fallout: New Vegas dev diary #4 only takes a Faction

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