The Daily Hotness: Kai Serah Farron

Sister site Tomopop has reviewed the Play Arts Kai Serah Farron figure from Final Fantasy XIII. The figure is going for $39.99 and comes recommended by the one and only Colette Bennett. Check out her review for more details on why it’s worth being part of your collection.

Tony reviewed Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, we checked out Bloodline Champions, Tony Hawk: Shred sold like shit, the Spike Video Game Awards 2010 nominees were revealed and more happened on 11/17/10.

Destructoid Originals:
Spare Parts anyone?
New releases: NFS: Hot Pursuit, AC: Brotherhood and more
PAD Live: WTFWednesdays with Silhouette Mirage
Destructoid (the show): Electrocuted Ewoks?!!?

Community blogs of 11/17/10
Forums of the day: Obligitory “What are you listening to now?” thread

Contest: Be good at NFS: Hot Pursuit, win an EA game
Win No More Heroes 2 Hopper’s Edition, CD & Erotica Comic

Review: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

Beta Test: Bloodline Champions

Black Friday: Best Buy’s deals detailed
Commence frowning: No BattleBlock Theater this year
NIS America announces Phantom Brave PSP
VUDU HD streaming movie service comes to PS3
EA teases new BioWare project with teasing teaser image
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd has some grand co-op missions
Zynga spreads to Yahoo this week with FarmVille
Nominees for Spike Video Game Awards 2010 revealed
Ghetto DIY Kinect hides behind your TV, out of sight
Homefront release dates confirmed
Fastest growing console in US: Xbox 360
Tony Hawk: Shred sells a dismal 3,000 copies at launch
Fallout: New Vegas add-on ‘Dead Money’ dealt in December
Dragonball GT PS1 game costs $7,000
‘Dreamcast Collection’ listed at GameStop
Game-streaming Gaikai service enters open beta
Electrocute Ewoks in Force Unleashed II DLC
Free App of the Day: Minigore
Batman: Arkham City getting fresh look at Spike VGAs
RAGE: Mutant Bash TV coming to App Store tomorrow
Pachter: Move sold ‘well below expectations’
Download the Minecraft CPU map if you dare
Korean Internet gamer kills mother, then himself
TRON: Evolution soundtrack features Daft Punk
Buy two PS3 Greatest Hits from Amazon, get one free
R.U.S.E. getting free DLC on consoles and Steam
Buy $20 worth of Xbox LIVE goods, get $5 back
Desert Bus for Hope charity event starts this week
This Deus Ex: Human Revolution image is teasing something
PC version of Fable III still happening

Mario Bros. Crossover is getting Blaster Master’s Sophia

Lord of Arcana coming January 25, 2011
BioWare’s teasing project teased in video teaser form
Imageepooch fighting to defend the JRPG
Gameloft blows the lid off N.O.V.A 2
Another Rockman teaser to make you jealous of Korea

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