The Daily Hotness: Jesus take the Wii

No words.

Chad showed us the ten best Disney games ever made, Nick reviewed Nail’d, Ben checked out Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed, New Super Mario Bros Wii still selling like crazy, Sony ships 4.1 million Moves and more happened on 11/30/10.

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The ten best Disney games ever made
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Community blogs of 11/30/10
Forum of the day: Calling all Communtity Podcast Members!!!

Review: Nail’d

Hands-on: Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed

NIS America’s bringing Imageepoch’s games westward
Electronic Arts unlikely to acquire Harmonix
Japan gets Persona 2 PSP on March 3, 2011
Rumor: Uncharted 3 takes Nathan Drake to the desert
Angry Birds: 7 million downloads on Android, never ends
Final Fantasy becomes a trading card game
MonkeyPaw drops Dezaemon Plus!, Blockids onto PSN
Rushdie: Bomb Iran … with Nintendo consoles
Jaffe loves PS3 exclusivity more than audience expansion
Kinect sells 2.5 million in 25 days
Ten more characters still coming to MvC3
DJ Hero 2 DLC marries Pixies, The Prodigy
‘More’ Bit.Trip RUNNER is coming, and other secrets
Free App of the Day: Oddy Smog’s Misadventure
Analyst: PlayStation Phone could do more harm than good
New Super Mario Bros Wii goes quadruple platinum
Microsoft is working on a TV subscription service
Use your American Express award points in Zynga games?!
Sony ships 4.1 million PlayStation Move units
5th Cell: 3DS is ‘cooler’ than Kinect, Move
Christopher Nolan is working on an Inception game

So hot: Sonic 3 soundtrack rendered in NES 8-bit
Wolf Link and Midna figure will blow your mind, wallets

A rock ballad for Two Worlds II’s Sordahon
The Indie Games Winter Uprising is almost here!
Infinity Blade priced, dated for December 9
Dead Rising 2’s ‘Case: West’ will be out next month
See the new Battlfield: Bad Company 2 maps in action
Monday Night Combat gets the Spunky Cola Special tomorrow
Bomberman LIVE: Battlefest out on December 8 for XBLA
Catherine’s leaked Achievements are utterly spoileriffic
Fight Night Champion will have a story
Bad Company 2 Vietnam expansion lined up for December

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