The Daily Hotness: It’s Tokyo Game Show time!

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Tokyo Game Show 2008 has officially started up and Nick, Dale and Jim will be bringing you tons of coverage including hands-on previews of the games from the show. Also, lots of pictures of the hot Japanese booth babes. 

Chad list the ten best mini-games, Sakura makes it to Street Fighter IV, the 360 HDD shaves some time, Tekken is coming to the Xbox 360, the New Xbox Experience is coming November 19 and plenty more happened on 10/08/08.

TGS 08 Showfloor:
Video walkthrough of halls 4 through 6
Mature titles are serious business, ID required
The obligatory ‘we’re here’ post

TGS 08 Previews:
Lumines Supernova for the PSN is a lot like those other Lumines games

TGS 08 Videos:
Exclusive The Last Remnant trailer features spiky haired people!
From Software’s Ninja Blade walkthrough
No More Heroes 2 teaser trailer

TGS 08 News:
No press conferences from Nintendo and Sony
Namco talks Splatterhouse, shows really short trailer
Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360
XBLA invasion: Space Invaders Extreme, Arkanoid, Metal Slug 7, more
The New Xbox Experience dated for November 19

The ten best mini-games EVER!
Highlights from the Destructoid Community for last week

How does Patapon Multiplayer work? Gather round and listen
Sony says no holiday price cuts coming
The DSi will have more RAM, games that require more yet to be confirmed
Still need a LittleBigPlanet beta key? USA Today Online’s got 15,000!
Wii Taiko No Tatsujin confirmed for December release
White Knight Chronicles will feature online play
Tim Cain discusses his concerns with Fallout 3 and why he’s pre-orderd it
Reggie ‘Meat Man’ Fils-Aime says the core gamer is ‘insatiable’
Sin & Punishment 2 will be disc-based, also downloadable game in the future
Persona 4 Social Link Expansion Pack available through Amazon only
Mega Man 9 arranged soundtrack website provides free samples
Premium themes available for PS3 tomorrow
Co-creator of Aether and Gish creates Meatboy, hilarity ensues
Molyneux wishes the sun’s ‘rays were a little less harsh in the early sunset’

Report says Xbox 360 to get Blu-ray
Family-friendly Xbox 360 bundles incoming

BREAKING NEWS: overly thin model seen wearing Pac-Man dress

Wii Pitfall:The Big Adventure screens swing your way
Sakura kicks her way into the console version of Street Fighter IV

These Banjo-Kazooie walk-through videos have me all hot and bothered
How does loading from the 360’s HDD stack up to DVD? Here’s a video demo
Need for Speed: Undercover aims to take Cops and Robbers to the extreme

C Blogs of 10/08/08
Final Fantasy X: Bad fashion adventure or jungian masterpiece?

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