The Daily Hotness: Itchy. Tasty. (09/24/08)

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I so cannot wait to get my hands on Resident Evil 5. The Resi series is one of my favorite game series  and I’m just dying to play as Chris Redfield and Ashanti.

Deal drugs in GTA: Chinatown Wars, Korg DS-10 is getting its own expo, the Fall Xbox 360 dashboard update is dropping in November, Sheng Long is going to be in Street Fighter IV, and plenty more happened on Wednesday. 

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Scraps: Impalement! (9/24/2008)

Destructoid Review:
Mega Man 9

Valve would love a Wii MMO, would you?
Spore: One account per game, but multiple names per account?
Level 5 announces new horror RPG for the PSP
More on Sega’s dragon-themed RPG: They ARE making RPG now!
NetDevil consulting with LEGO fanatics for LEGO Universe
Resident Evil re-remake coming to Wii … seriously
Drug-dealing fun n’ frolics in GTA: Chinatown Wars
Level-5 showing some DS love with Studio Ghibli
EA is ‘interested’ in Left 4 Dead PS3 … no sh*t
Brainy person: Piracy is a ‘great equalizer’
Sexy new Resi 5 character approaches! Also, sexy old Wesker returns
Infinite Line DS asks: do you like Space Opera?
EA faces class action suit over Spore DRM: Shocked it took this long
Molyneux talks new game, still insists on its purity
No mod tools at launch for PC version of Fallout 3
Korg DS-10 gets its own expo!
Plant your seed in Mama’s dirtbox: Gardening Mama is on the way
Banjo-Tooie coming to XBLA next year; Banjo-Kazooie dated
Mech shooter War World headlining Xbox Live Arcade next week
Gametap acquired by Metaboli, aims to create ‘global gaming service’
Prepare to stand a chance: Sheng Long is in Street Fighter IV
Kid Kirby: The Super Nintendo game that never was
Avatars probably coming this November, Stride gum and Rock Band 2 tell us so
EA commemorates a decade of Medal of Honor with a 10th anniversary PC bundle
WAR and EQ2 items being offered in the next Massive Online Gamer magazine
Koei brings Zill O’ll: Infinite Plus to PSP. Also, DW6: Empires at TGS
Force Unleashed sells 1.5 million units, on track to be the best-selling SW game
Treyarch talks about the Call of Duty: World at War beta
Warriors Orochi 2 getting patched up via Xbox Live
Trivial Pursuit coming to pretty much everything

Paul Oakenfold expresses love for DJ Hero, this could bode well

Phoenix Wright the musical (as performed by women!)

The Last Remnant: Ridiculous amount of screens and artwork

Sega introduces the Abrax in Golden Axe: Beast Wars
EA shows us Mount Legend in new Zubo trailer
Tenchu 4 looks really dark
Last King of Africa brings adventure gaming (not Forest Whitaker) to the DS
The lighter side of LEGO Batman

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