The Daily Hotness: iPad 2: iPad Harder

So rumor is that the iPad 2 is going to be revealed next week, the same time as the Game Developers Conference is taking place. Great, because we didn’t have enough stuff going on as it is.

Joseph brought us an in-depth look at Dragon Age II, I’m so happy Sundays with Sagat are back, Nick reviewed Bullestorm, Conrad checked out Homefront, it’s Samit Sarkar’s Destructoid birthday and more happened on 2/22/11.

Destructoid Originals:
Art nouveau: Dragon Age II skirts its generic label
Sundays with Sagat: Pirates are NOT f*cking theives
Live Show: Backlog playing more Spy Fiction right now

Community blogs of 2/22/11
Forum thread of the day: PAX East 2011

Contest: This prize pack is worth $1,700!
Win this Hot Topic hat that looks like Mr. Destructoid
Win your own bag of Killzone 3 army men!

Review: Bulletstorm
Review: Killzone 3

Preview: MLB 11 The Show
Homefront single-player: Black and white and red all over
Hands-on: MotorStorm: Apocalypse

Mass Effect 2 PC files hint at ‘Arrival’ DLC content
It Continues: Final Fantasy III for the iPhone
PSA: Dragon Age II demo is out today
Retro Game Challenge 2 fan translation moving forward
Watch a blind man play Abe’s Exoddus better than you
Paid ‘Gun Sonata’ Bulletstorm DLC announced
Tales series next game: Tales of Town?
Rumor: Hack-proof PS3 model being developed
Here are the U.S. launch games for the 3DS
Pitchford: Feminist organizations welcome to attack Duke
Two Worlds II UK retail release does not seem likely
iPad 2 rumored to be revealed by Apple next week
Red Faction: Armageddon is ending your world on May 31st
Is a new Command & Conquer series on the way?
Sony’s message for 2011 is ‘Only on PlayStation’
Deal North: Cheap GoW, Enslaved and more
Sega + Activision + Nintendo DS = Wappy Dog robot
Dino D-Day beta and full release now on for March
New Xenogears orchestral album gets a vinyl version
Co-founder finds Activision hate ‘a little bit strong’
Super Meat Boy hit with 40 free XBLA levels
Valve briefly talks about its old submarine game
Inside a Star-Filled Sky is worth downloading
Weep for what could’ve been this generation’s Road Rash
Kmart is looking to send bloggers to E3 2011
AC: Brotherhood PC drops constant-Internet requirement

Clever dude creates a game as a marriage proposal
Totally crap, embarrassing Zelda 25th anniversary art
Vib Ribbon fan-made browser game, Vib Riboff

Here, have some new TERA videos
No Sega Marine Fishing in this Sega Dreamcast Collection
Petroglyph’s Rise of Immortals wants you to go “LoL DotA”
A new trailer for Steel Diver surfaces

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