The Daily Hotness: I’d Raid her Tomb! (08/11/08)

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Say hello to your new Lara Croft!

We talked a lot about Braid today, the Age of Conan cybersex player has a chat with Destructoid, Luc Bernard leaves the gaming industry, Jake Gyllenhaal is looking mighty fine in Prince of Persia, the first Instant Replay blog is promoted, and plenty more happened on Monday. 

Monday Regulars:
New releases for the week of 08/11/08
Wii Shop releases for the week of August 11th: techno edition!

Original Features:
Destructoid Discusses! Braid Rolling with the last guys on the planet
EXCLUSIVE: Age of Conan cybersex player talks to Destructoid
Ten Golden Rules of games industry celebrities

Destructoid review:

PAX 2008:
PAX 2008: Here’s what Sega is showing at PAX 2008
PAX 2008: Here’s what EA is showing at PAX 2008

Google turns Portal into a coding problem
Square Enix excited for multiplatform, localized Final Fantasy
Braid: XBLA’s highest rated game ever (at least until Castle Crashers)
MS: Square Enix loves us because we’re awesome
Nintendo lying about third party dominance? Microsoft would argue so
Luc Bernard quitting the games industry
Levine: Houser digs his f*cking teeth in
Parents more worried about GTA than alcohol or pornography: Priorities!
Wright doesn’t think a Spore MMO is a bad idea
Former SCEE boss claims Sony and Nintendo will claim joint victory this gen
PSP battery discontinuation indicates owners are pleased with battery life?
Jake Gyllenhaal looking good: first Prince of Persia costume spotted
BlizzCon 2008 tickets on sale now, pay per view coverage announced
Angry atheists don’t like Spore
Chrono Trigger’s multiplayer mode does not include minigames
Braid may eventually come to PSN, but WiiWare is out of the question
Forget Godzilla, Sackboy attacks Tokyo
PSP Chotto Shot could kill you

Dead Rising to hit the PS3?

New scans unleashed for Sonic Un … lea … I didn’t think this through

Trailers & Videos:
Have a listen to Les Claypool’s music for Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars
Multiwinia trailer shows some intense stick figure warfare
NHL 2K9 debut trailer shows off…a Zamboni minigame?!

New Lara Croft wants to find a man, has no idea what she’s in for

Instant Replay: Duke’s survival guide

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