The Daily Hotness: I will cupcake if you bacon

Today on the hotness we have the best anything in the history of existence. Literally. Since before time was, people that were not yet born have dreamt of the magic of today. Because today, we now know that bacon has been placed on a cupcake. I call upon all true Americans to find this great thing, and bring it to me. I live on the moon. You can’t miss it.

Live Dtoid show tomorrow, Max and Tara will be baller as always. Jordan Devore reviewed the latest title from Double Fine, and some news happened. So… yeah. 

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The Destructoid Show LIVE in San Francisco TOMORROW!
Live show: Bonk’s Adventure on Mash Tactics

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Community blogs of 2/2

Where’s the beef? Let me show you it

Review: Yakuza: Dead Souls
Review: Double Fine Happy Action Theater

Disney acquires Deadly Premonition, El Shaddai publisher 
Ghost Trick is out on iOS today
Game Gear games finally rated for 3DS
DRM fun: Several legit Ubisoft games will break next week
RE6 demo a timed exclusive to Xbox 360 due to ‘business’
Alan Wake on PC: Launch, tech features detailed
Star Wars: The Old Republic hits 1.7 million subscribers
Lumines Electronic Symphony’s full track list
Mass Effect 3 demo to include temporary Live access
PSN to get first Call of Duty Elite maps on February 28
Nintendo DLC: Sakura Samurai, Undead Storm, more
Atlus testing the waters for Radiant Historia reprint
‘Epic Quest’ brings XP and loot to Pinball FX 2
7th Guest and 11th Hour coming to Good Old Games 
The Warhammer 40,000 games are 66% off on Steam
Benefits of subscribing to Wakfu outlined
Valve announces updates for Team Fortress 2 in 2012
Star Trek Online turns 2, offers you the next Enterprise

Ace Attorney wants to make sure you ‘Hold it!’
Mutant Mudds composer delivers a fresh chiptune remix
100-year-old lady rocks the Nintendo DS

Lollipop Chainsaw pre-order bonus include Evil Dead skin
Trials Evolution will be out this spring, looks great
Offspring Fling is all about throwing babies
This is the only way a sequel to Snake could work

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