The Daily Hotness: I want a shark scarf (08/08/08)

This is just bloody brilliant, as the British would say. The fact that this hasn’t been done sooner (to my knowledge) is unbelievable. I can’t wait to see the end result of the World 1-1 scarf. This makes me want a shark scarf now. Speaking of sharks, has anyone seen Pineapple Express yet? I want that shark shirt from the movie. 

Nick talks about some XNA games to keep an eye out for, I preview Mushroom Men and a bunch of KOEI games, the Top Spin 3 contest gets extended, everyone is afraid of GTA, and plenty more happened on Friday. 

Friday Regulars:
Friday Night Fights: Red Faction edition
Art Attack Friday: Teben-the-Every

Original Features:
Five XNA games (and developers) to watch for
The Great Retro Olympics!: Opening ceremony

Destructoid Review:
Spectral Force 3

Pew! Pew! Preview!: Hands-on with Mushroom Men (Wii)
KOEI Press Day: Take a look at Dynasty Warriors 6 for the PS2 and PC
KOEI Press Day: Trailer and screens for Romance of The Three Kingdoms XI
KOEI Press Day: Trailer and GIANT gallery for Warriors Orochi 2
KOEI Press Day: Quickie hands-on with Pop Cutie! Street Fashion Simulation DS
KOEI Press Day: Hands-on with Prey the Stars for the DS
KOEI Press Day: Hands-on with Monster Racers

Destructoid interview:
Colosseum developer Shortfuse Games

Top Spin 3 contest extension: I said ‘balls deep,’ not ‘just the tip’
The most jawdropping SoulCalibur cosplay in the world: We have our winners

Arson suspects claim GTA taught them to make Molotov cocktails
WWE wrestler calls for more violence in games
Dyack: Too Human could last ‘fifty to eighty hours’
Warner has 75 games in the works
Nintendo: Our third party games sell best
Cho Aniki headed to PSP: Homoerotic insanity hits Japan
Buy a Lancer and get Gears of War 2
EA’s failure to release Dark Knight game a financial fail, says analyst
MotionPlus not a Nintendo exclusive: Other people interested
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix gets patched up, Ken is no longer awesome
Carmack plays Wii but won’t develop for it
Door’s not closed for Crackdown 2: BLOODY GOOD!
LittleBigPlanet will sell PS3s
Blow: Microsoft harms XBLA game quality
Malaysian Consumer Group blame it all on GTA
Ubisoft dishes out Far Cry 2 PC specs
The week in Rock Band DLC: Metal Roadrunner Records pack is metal
2K Boston’s Chris Kline says BioShock-like game would be welcome on the Wii
Psyonix announces Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars for PSN
Mass Effect for DS? Bioware says maybe
Fable Pub Games comes to XBLA next week for 800 MS Points, free with pre-order
G4’s G-Phoria 2008 Awards name Halo 3 as GOTY, I die a little inside
Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball coming to XBLA on September 3

Do these screens confirm three Tool songs for Guitar Hero World Tour?

New dirt on Rise of the Argonauts: soundtrack info and new screens

Trailers & Videos:
Producer walks out of a portal in second behind-the-scenes Legendary vid
This Call of Duty: World at War co-op footage may pique your interest

I would burn down a convent for this scrap metal Big Daddy sculpture
Street Fighter Online puts a… special item in the store
Knitting the Mario Scarf

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