The Daily Hotness: I stand with Mr. North

Ok… I won’t lie. I kinda procrastinated setting this post up. So I don’t have anything clever or cool to show you. But, this past winter I met a corgi. It was amazing. I’d never seen one in person before. It was so hyper and happy and full of positive…ness. It was the greatest thing ever. Now, like Dale, I know the secrets of the Universe.

Love the Corgi. Live the Corgi.

Today on Dtoid we have a new Office chat, some HOOOOOW-UP, a cool thing by the Binary Domain dudes and some other cool shit. It was an Originals™-heavy day.

Destructoid Original:
The role of ‘Consequence’ in Binary Domain
DTOID Extra: What’s in the Saints Row Genkibowl DLC?
The joy of pinball
Disgusting! Mouth breather’s SoulCalibur V unbox video
Office Chat: Tara wanted to drink margaritas at BlizzCon

Forum thread of the day: Sexy Ass Nerd Valentines That Will Get You Laid
Community blogs of 1/26

Square Enix comes to Good Old Games with Deus Ex
Nintendo’s losses get bigger, but sales still strong
Wii U confirmed for ‘year end’ 2012 release 
California to pay ESA $950,000 for failed case legal fees
Insomniac: ‘We won’t be making any more Resistances’
Yoshinori Ono hints at unannounced features for Wii U
A year of Xbox Live Gold for $36 on Amazon
Inversion: why you probably won’t care
Aliens: Colonial Marines may be pushed back to Fall
Rumor: Nintendo considering a new name for Wii U
Day made: Rayman: Origins coming to PC in March
Amazon: Lumines: Electronic Symphony includes bonus music
Boxed PC version of Alan Wake also on the way
Lots of good stuff in Namco Bandai’s early 2012 lineup
600 people involved in making Resident Evil 6
Steam app for iOS and Android enters closed beta
The Witcher 2 headed to Xbox 360 in April
Why Tomb Raider reboot won’t be on Wii U
Man up! Pac-Man and Mega Man in Street Fighter X Tekken
Money printing ahoy: New 2D Mario game coming to 3DS

HAWP: Why is there a bird on your shoulder?

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy still looks terrific
Check out this slick new Neo Geo portable
Jack Black wannabe does stupid Star Wars Kinect trailer
Devolver Digital wants to publish more indie games
Location trailer for The Secret World sets the spooky
Dead Island’s new DLC trailer goes forwards not backwards

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