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I hope I don’t need to provide any context here.

A slew of Nintendo announcements were made today, including Netflix and Super Mario for 3DS; the fan project responsible for spawning widespread talk of Modern Warfare 3 last week was unveiled; and Double Fine hit us with a surprise reveal for Trenched.

These posts and more are some of what you’ll find in the archives for 03/02/11 here on Destructoid. And hey, did I mention we have a Tumblr now? It’ll home goofy stuff not necessarily fit for the front pages. Give it a look.

Destructoid Originals:
Dance Central character sketchbook: MacCoy and Taye
Preview: Hunted: The Demon’s Forge
GDC 11: The Dillinger Escape Plan rocks Homefront ‘rally’

Community blogs of 03/02/11
Forum thread of the day: What’s going on here?

Contest: Win Beyond Good & Evil HD!

GDC 11: Staring is okay: Battlefield 3 footage
GDC 11: Battlefield 3 is easily the best-looking FPS yet
Day one of Dtoid and Inside Gaming’s GDC coverage
GDC 11: Netflix coming to Nintendo 3DS this summer
GDC 11: New Super Mario game for 3DS announced, has tail
GDC 11: Short-Form Video Service coming for 3DS
GDC 11: Game Gear, Turbo Grafx 16 games coming to 3DS
GDC 11: Nintendo partners with AT&T for 3DS hotspots
GDC 11: Apple announces the iPad 2, out March 11
GDC 11: Nintendo keynote news round up
GDC 11: Zelda: Skyward Sword gets heroic new trailer
GDC 11: Minecraft dev says piracy is not theft
GDC: Nintendo shows a glasses-free Mario Kart on the Wii
GDC 11: Minecraft iPhone port ‘more of a spin-off’
Day two of Dtoid and Inside Gaming’s GDC coverage
Trenched: The Double Fine mech game for XBLA

Review: Dawn of War II: Retribution

Infinity Blade half price, major update coming soon
Tales of the Abyss gets a May 19th release date, bonus CD
Ngmoco: Sony NGP is ‘dead on arrival’
First Nintendo 3DS firmware update: A 3D music video?!
ESRB: Crysis 2 features ‘corpses with exposed buttocks’
Happy 20th Birthday to Street Fighter II: World Warrior
Utterly pathetic: Infinity Blade rip-off Infinity Sword
Sony teaser site for revival of old RPG Oreshika
Dungeon Siege III to ‘work well’ on both PC and console
Gran Turismo 5: In-race saves coming
Beyond Good & Evil HD coming to PS3 ‘later this year’
Marvel Pinball demo now on PlayStation Network
Square Enix shares some awesome live music videos
Call of Duty: Find Makarov trailer is absurdly impressive
Huge Infinity Blade update rolling out today!
EA ‘figuring out’ how to bring back Mirror’s Edge
Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS screens look jizztacular
New screens for The Last Guardian fuel my nightmares
Slam Bolt Scrappers hits PlayStation Network this month
Sony’s Move.Me program: Move for research and academics
Saints Row: The Third officially announced
Yu Suzuki teases Shenmue 3 at GDC, though not guaranteed

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