The Daily Hotness: Hovercat

This cat can hover! It’s an adorable video, and if you are thinking about getting a pet you should really look into adoption.

Things are starting to slow down a little bit now that E3 is over, but there are still plenty of interesting things going on. Today we learned that Lara Croft is going to have to fight off potential rape, and Jim did an interesting opinion piece about that. Podtoid might actually talk about video games this week, we have some more interviews from E3, there’s a new episode of The DTOID Show, you can buy your way into DOTA 2, EA might not have lied about Mass Effect 3’s ending, and all kinds of other fun stuff. Stay awhile, stay forever.

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Community Blogs of 6/13 

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Preview: Killing in motion in Splinter Cell: Blacklist
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Dead Space 3 not abandoning its formula
PlanetSide 2 is a connected experience 
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Registrations for MAGFest 11 are go, go, go!
Mega Man Comic-Con-exclusive variant cover shall be mine!

Enemies try to rape Lara Croft, says Tomb Raider producer
Diablo III real money auctions live, people spending $$$
Jeremy Soule’s Monster Galaxy soundtrack now available
Aussie console gamers overcharged for Battlefield Premium
Nintendo thinking about a next-generation handheld
Xbox Live adds Paramount movie instant view app
Escape Plan offers temporary 25-cent DLC
Kirby’s Dream Collection contents revealed for Japan
ASA: EA did not lie about Mass Effect 3
Medal of Honor themed merchandise to benefit charities
Checking out the massive universe in Line of Defense
En Masse kicks off one-week free trials for TERA
‘Potato Sack Reunion’ discounts familiar indie games
Concept art and some details for Playdead’s ‘Project 2’

Issue 2 of the Max Payne comic now available for download
Adorable Dragon Quest X plushies bundled with item codes
Explore the endless frontier in Shnabubula’s Starbound
I’m sad because I wasn’t sent a plush Sega Genesis

D3 Publisher brings charming indie platformer Pid to XBLA
Aliens Colonial Marines producer hides things from us
Mercenary Kings, next title from Wizorb dev Tribute Games
Gungnir launch trailer causes SRPG arousal 

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