The Daily Hotness: He had a rough night

Fun easter egg from The Witcher 2, as spotted by Felix.

Tara gave us an update on Dead Island, as did Nick with Gotham City Impostors; voting is open for the next Backlog game, so you should get up on that; Bob Sagat in Street Fighter X Tekken is going to be a meme for a while to come; and more went down on 5/17/11.

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Win a Zombie Farm swag bag!

Preview: Gotham City Impostors
Hands-on: Dead Island
Quick look at Dragon Nest for the PC
Here’s what’s new with Vindictus

Sony ‘sorry’ if you own all the ‘Welcome Back’ PSN games
99Bullets launching on DSiWare May 23rd
More Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC coming May 24
Concept image of Gotham City Impostors clarifies a bit
L.A. Noire once needed up to six discs on Xbox 360
Free Amnesia update re-adds ‘Justine’ DLC, short fiction
All Witcher 2 DLC will be free!
Nintendo and Best Buy to offer 3DS wireless content
Shipping error delays L.A. Noire for Amazon customers
Lionhead: Used games worse than piracy
Sonic Generations listed for 3DS, PC
Sony: Only a small percentage of PSN cancellations
Free App of the Day: Flying Hamster (iOS)
Infinity Blade: Arena goes live May 19
Sony CEO challenges critics of PSN breach notification
Mojang is looking into co-publishing indie games
Microsoft bringing Hole in the Wall game to Kinect
Honest Hearts live for Fallout: New Vegas on Xbox 360, PC
Sagat rears his ugly head in Street Fighter X Tekken
Naughty Bear Gold includes add-ons, out now on PS3, 360
BioWare talks building up to Mass Effect 3’s ending
The Final Hours of Portal 2 now available for Mac and PC
They mean it: Minerva’s Den for BioShock 2 PC this month

More Catherine screenshots of the Stray Sheep Pub
Alice: Madness Returns has a deeply unsettling intro
New Dead Island trailer shows some in-game footage
Deus Ex: Testimonials from augmentation customers
Barry Burton Bumcakes Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

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