The Daily Hotness: Happy birthday, Husky Hog

Granted, his birthday was a few days ago, but it still doesn’t hurt to mention that Destructoid’s beloved Daniel “Husky Hog” Lingen is now 21 years old. Happy birthday, buddy!

Dale interviewed Yuji Naka, Conrad checked out Crysis 2, Sonic is older now, Jonathan Holmes is amazing, I Am Alive is still alive and more happened on 06/23/10.

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Class of Heroes for PS3 gets a delay
Nintendo not dropping support for DS in favor of 3DS
Marvel to publish comic adaptation of Halo: Fall of Reach
3DS might someday support 3D video chat
Game Pazzo sounds like an arcade for console players
Free App of the Day: Freaking Inkies
Ubisoft’s I Am Alive still alive, coming Spring 2011
DC Comics come to PSN with exclusive God of War comic content
Microsoft says Kinect is for everyone
Damn it: EA Sports boss still not talking new SSX
Sega may bring House of the Dead and Aliens to 3DS
Bleszinski skeptical about ‘online pass’ schemes
Happy birthday, Sonic!
Pang: Magical Michael is a thing I want in the US
Remedy really wants to make an Alan Wake sequel
OMG, it’s Slayer Pinball for Apple’s iThings… look!
Squirrel girl Makoto comes to BlazBlue via DLC
Harmonix CEO states Dance Central capable on PS3, not Wii
Xbox 360 getting Bad Company 2’s ‘Onslaught’ DLC soon
NFS: Hot Pursuit coming to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Street Fighter IV for iPhone gets Cammy and Zangief
Deal North: Wet for $17 and other stuff I found on Amazon
Fist of the North Star getting Japanese voice option
Studio Ghibli/ Level 5’s The Another World ported to PS3
Counter-Strike: Source gets a sizable update, Mac version
Could we see Kinect-type tech in TVs and PCs?

This happened: Samus/Princess Jasmine fan art

Check out this Dark Void: Zero song remix
Sonic video contest: Win a trip to Tokyo, meet Sonic Team
Who are the Hidden People?
Finally! Civilization gets a support group
Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Scans, details on open world
Power A’s PS3 accessories look good, nuff said
Driver single player walkthrough is a San Francisco treat
Download the Deus Ex 3 theme for free!

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