The Daily Hotness: Happy birthday, Dale North!

Musician, gamer, corgi lover — Dale North is a BEAST. It was also his birthday today. Give him some love!

Flixist is coming soon, the RetroforceGO! spin-off show needs a new name, Nick checked out Def Jam Rapstar, Donkey Kong Country Returns looks great and more happened on 09/22/10.

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Community blogs of 09/22/10

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Lara Croft & Totec hitting PSN and PC next week
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Mario 25th anniversary site is awesome, has wallpapers
PS Plus gets exclusive Castlevania LoS demo for a week
Toys ‘R’ Us gets a PlayStation Move EyePet Bundle
Fallout: New Vegas getting ‘crappy’ speech, DLC
Final Fantasy XIV’s online currency is called Crysta
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You don’t say: Pokemon Black/White are a success in Japan

Pointless racing mini-game found in Halo: Reach
Two Worlds II’s Sordahon does contract negotiations
Dead Rising 2’s launch trailer sets the mood
Donkey Kong Country Returns vid shows Rambi in action

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