The Daily Hotness: Groinal gifts (08/05/08)

Destructoid. The only site on the Internets that will post the same picture of a lumpy vag within the span of 12 hours.

Dyson preview Skate 2, Mr. Destructoid visits Yasumicon, Halo movie talks resurface, Left 4 Dead isn’t coming to the PS3 anymore, and plenty more happened on Tuesday.  

Tuesday Regulars:
RetRose Tinted: Jaws
Game Debate to the Death! Favorite DotA character?

Original Features:
Instant Replay: Level select and the freedom of choice

Hands-on with Skate 2
Champions Online hands-on impressions

Yasumicon 08: Female Pyramid Head, fleshy anime boobs, and other cosplay

Valve says no Left 4 Dead on PS3: Quashes rumor of EA port
Gears of War 2 will feature violence filters
Saint’s Row dev criticizes GTA IV, says it ‘lost a lot of the fun’
Uncharted Trophies patch available in the US
Final Fantasy XIII coming to Taiwan … hooray?
Dragon Age franchise has a ‘console future’
Valve ‘happy to talk about’ being taken over
Force Unleashed heading to iPhone with fingersaber action
Nintendo screws third-parties and you on Virtual Console
EA promises its games won’t be ‘crappy’ anymore
APB the ‘bastard child’ of Grand Theft Auto
SNK has developed an RPG for busy gamers
Capcom’s Spyborgs to see ‘significant’ overhaul
The end is near: Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? announced for XBLA
Japan gets Culdcept DS in October, US geeks cross fingers
Capcom intentionally putting glitches in Mega Man 9 for nostalgic effect
Next 2K Boston game to be ‘something very different’
MK vs. DC Universe writer tells fans to lighten up
100 zombies on screen in Dead Rising Wii?
More details on the Burnout Paradise Bikes Pack
Half of Rare working on unannounced games, more details coming ‘soon enough’
Stuff Magazine confirms Michael Jackson, Interpol, and more for new Guitar Hero
Naughty Dog using only ’30 or 40 percent’ of the PS3’s power
Halo movie talk resurfaces: Like Hollywood was going to let that one go
Fancy Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Collector’s Edition revealed

Bethesda VP assures that Fallout 3 is ‘better’ than Oblivion
Ubisoft accused of ‘international crime’ by anti-war group
Unleash the Fury, then put it away again: Fury MMO says bye bye
PlayStation 3 ‘flimsyware’ 2.42 confirmed
Why Penis Why?: MK vs. DC’s Kitana looks … lumpy
Marilyn Manson coming to Guitar Hero III in downloadable form
Ubisoft and Paramount inject Rainbow Six Vegas 2 with ad-tastic minigame
Reddit sends crowbar to scientists to protect against headcrabs
Media Molecule teases with upcoming LittleBigPlanet reveal
Burnination time! Strong Bad comes to WiiWare and PC August 12th

Grand Theft Auto DS details possibly revealed?
Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero World Tour street dates revealed

Trailers & Videos:
Metal Slug 7 trailer looks like more of the same
Cars debut exclusive to Rock Band, single tracks may appear in competing titles
A Soul Calibur IV comparison video with actual merit
Spoiler alert: Finishing PixelJunk Eden yields cool and fancy surprise
Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway video … this game still hasn’t come out yet?
Madden talks Madden for Madden-mad madmen
Street Fighter fans, your time is now
Little League World Series 2008 ships today

Ridiculously decadent Final Fantasy XIII clothing from Roen

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