The Daily Hotness: God of LittleBigPlanet (08/06/08)

OK, that is just ADORABLE! Whoa, sorry about that. I just pulled a Chad. 

Go buy Braid, the N-Gage actually has a good game apparently, BioShock gets a new mode in the PS3 version, GoldenEye will never ever come to XBLA, Kim Kardashian has a nice ass, and plenty more happened on Wednesday. 

Wednesday Regulars:
Podtoid tonight, comprised 100% of listener questions

Not-Wednesday Regulars:
RetroforceGO! records episode 56 tonight: Listener questions!

Original Features:
Eight reasons why you NEED to download Braid

Red Faction: Guerilla multiplayer beta impressions
BREAKING: There’s a good game on the N-Gage! Hands-on with Reset Generation

PAX 2008:
Confirmed: Fatal1ty will not be at PAX

Contest reminder: Win Devil May Cry 4 PC and Age of Booty!
Contest reminder: Top Spin 3 contest ends Friday night!

Jonathan Blow talks Braid pricing
Kratos confirmed for LittleBigPlanet … in a fashion
Rock Band 2 Wii might not suck huge donkey bollocks
Massive Infinite Undiscovery screenshot blowout
Kim Kardashian and her ‘celebrity’ rear to appear in EA’s Facebreaker
Bungie: ‘We have a lot to learn’ from CoD4
Why OS Why? Windows Vista on a PS3?
Xbox 360 system update available today, really doesn’t do anything, we promise
Christian writer lays into videogames for ‘in-depth’ report
Grand Theft Auto IV coming to PC this November with ‘expanded’ multiplayer
Microsoft ‘investing to win’ in Europe
Rare explains XBLA GoldenEye’s legal limbo
BioShock ‘Survivor Mode’ coming to PS3 version
Microsoft justifies charging for XBL even though Games for Windows Live is free
Warhammer Online release date and subscription costs announced
Video game thief gets caught, threatens clerk with AIDS
Asus launches the Eee stick, a Wii look-a-like for the PC
Mr. Destructoid to be removed from Eternity’s Child: Sour grapes taste sour
Woman buys a $1000 PSP, says she was ‘shocked’
Flippers and boobs: Is there a Maxim pinball game coming to the PS3?
These are the 10 most dangerous games in Thailand
How much is that GameTap in the window?
Buzz! Quiz TV gets Trophies
MS: Paid DLC = buggerloads of game sales
Heavy Rain is light on information: Have a smart screenshot instead
Microsoft VP says physical media is toast
Thai tech blogger mocks hysteria over GTA IV’s ‘killer’ influence
Microsoft wants floppy bodies ‘perpetually’

First screens of Puzzle Kingdoms revealed and … it’s Puzzle Quest
This is what makes The Witcher: Enhanced Edition ‘enhanced’
Ninjatown is adorable
Lionel Messi to be featured on cover of Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

Trailers & Videos:
Three new Fatal Frame IV trailers unveiled, looking scrumptious so far
Things get blown up in these Mercenaries 2 screens and trailer … for the PS2

Tomopop Pop:
First 4 Figures presents 12-inch Sonic (quit thinking dirty thoughts)

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