The Daily Hotness: Gentlemen (09/11/08)

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The latest HAWP is easily my new favorite of the series. Also, I so had to reuse the image above. 

Conrad Zimmerman helps you prepare for the zombie apocalypse, Samit previews  Mirror’s Edge, Mega64 has an awesome new skit, Capcom likes money, and plenty more happened on Thursday.

Thursday Regulars:
Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin: Team Fortress 2
RetroforceGO! records episode 59 tonight: Disney-Capcom (or, Chad sings a lot)

The Podcastle episode 18: The Ancestral Fail
10 games to prepare for the zombie apocalypse

Destructoid Reviews:
Yggdra Union

PAX 08: Mirror’s Edge hands-on
Hands-on with Legendary’s multiplayer

Update:Dress up as Red Riding Hood and win some Little Red Riding Hood BBQ swag!

Art imitates life: Suda51 devised Travis Touchdown while, ahem, pooping
Shocker: Xbox 360 sells a lot of systems due to price cut
CoD4 maps halve, while experience points double: WHADDA THEY, CRAAAAZY!?
People dislike paying $60 for videogames? Why? Why!?
More bitching about pre-owned games from David Braben
Dynasty Warriors Multi Raid heading to PSP: Can we handle more than one RAID!?
Sengoku BASARA bringing the fuedalism to a PSP near you
Player death won’t stop the Heavy Rain from pouring
Random: Stephen Colbert track available as free Rock Band DLC right now
The Getaway proves our brains have sat-nav?
Microsoft told dev it didn’t need Japanese games?
Red Faction: Guerilla Collector’s Edition announced
Namco explains why Vesperia is on 360, doesn’t explain anything else
Age of Empires has a future after Ensemble Studios folds
Valve: No ‘evil masterminds’ in Left 4 Dead
Force Unleashed breaks demo record, also people like Star Wars
SOE talks about PC and PS3 connected worlds in The Agency
Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine MMO confirmed for North America and Europe
Papercraft not meant for the weak: the Mario hat
MotorStorm sequel drops October 28, GameStop exclusive pre-order demo
Rhythm Tengoku delights! retrospective soundtrack announced
Die before you buy: Left 4 Dead demo confirmed
A lot of people play RuneScape: Enough to earn a world record, anyway
Banjo-Kazooie DLC is … gasp … POSSIBLE!
Google Android powers Gizmondo 2: Yes, there is a Gizmondo 2
Midway announces the entire cast of Mortal Kombat vs DC and forgets Johnny Cage
Capcom enjoys money, dishing out multiplatform releases
Casting details for Clock Tower film doesn’t sound like any Clock Tower I know

Kingdom Hearts Coded coming to PSP?
Motorstorm coming to PlayStation Portable?

Ninjatown sneak preview at designer toy stores, plus preorder freebies!

Mega64 does Parappa The Rapper
Final Fantasy Distant Worlds meet & greet ticket details announced
Making of Quantum of Solace trailer: from film to game
Ted Nugent to rock Guitar Hero World Tour with ah, ugh … guitar duel
New Armored Core The Answer trailer shows explosive co-op play
Another Diablo III ‘fan’ argues for darker colors, gives examples

C Blogs of 09/11/08
Feel the hatred: PAL conversions

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