The Daily Hotness: Garrus Vakarian cosplay

sithlord314 made this pretty awesome Garrus Vakarian cosplay costume from Mass Effect 2. Nice!

Evo goes down next month, there’s going to be a Call of Duty fan event, Dead Island is not banned in Australia, see the BioShock Infinite demo from E3 and more happened on 6/30/11.

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Yes! There’s a Voltron panel at this year’s Comic-Con
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Evo Championship Series 2011: July 29-31

Trenched not in in Europe due to Portuguese board game
Activision announces Call of Duty XP fan event
Adult Swim slashing prices on iOS games for July 4 sale
Bungie Aerospace to ‘foster’ independent developers
Deal North: Child of Eden for only $35!
Yahtzee joins ‘Your Friends Close’ game-themed movie
New bill to make criminals of Youtube/JTV game streamers
SEGA making another Sonic ‘Storybook’ game
First screenshot of unannounced PC shooter looks pretty
Nintendo downloads: Kirby Fantasy Dream III Land
Aksys Games is all up in your Anime Expo
RAGE special edition spotted in the wild
Dead Island NOT banned in Australia
Sony reveals the PSP Engine
Tokyo Game Show will reduce power consumption by 25%
New teaser site for Capcom’s online game Ixion Saga
Nintendo shareholder hates games, says stupid things
Viva la Mexico! Hideo Kojima will visit Mexico City
James Pond makes grand return, comes to iOS
Bethesda parent company trademarks ‘Dishonored’
Free App of the Day: Super Mega Worm VS. Santa
Street Fighter IV: Volt is out now, temporarily cheap
4X multiplayer XP in Red Dead Redemption this weekend
Limbo is coming to PSN and Steam, releasing ‘very soon’
Steam’s massive summer sale event is in effect
Modern Warfare 3 will totally change Killstreaks

Resident Evil: Revival vid shows off 4 and Veronica in HD
Video on Rage: ‘The best thing id has ever done’
Watch a portion of BioShock Infinite’s E3 demo

Hamza Aziz