The Daily Hotness: Game over, YEEEEEAHHHHH! (09/12/08)

The latest Sound Card was unleashed by Dale North today and showcased the top ten most obnoxious game songs. Some of the song choices are ones you can just love to hate like the Sega Rally “Game Over” song. I can listen to this “song” until the end of time and still laugh at it every time. The feature did make me a little sad though, as I remember Daytona USA’s “Let’s go Away” to be an amazing song. Sadly, the retro goggles (retro hearing aids?) were clouding my judgment. 

Colette and Dale review Rhythm Tengoku Gold, the anti-Spore Web site was a giant Rick Roll, Mega Man 9 gets dated in Japan, the RetroForceGO! crew sing Disney songs, and plenty more happened on Friday. 

Friday Regulars:
The Week in Rock Band DLC: Megadeth’s Peace Sells album and Rock Band tour pack
RetroforceGO! episode 59: Disney games (sort of)
Art Attack Friday: Rio McCarthy
Indie Nation #31: Mount & Blade
Nokori: Soundtracks galore tonight!
Friday Night Fights: Cheapskates and XP whores, unite! edition

The Sound Card 005: The top ten most obnoxious game songs

Destructoid Reviews:
Destructoid Import Review: Rhythm Tengoku Gold

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Anti-Spore site is a big Rick Roll
Microsoft wants Lips to sell over a million
Dead Space producer talks censorship and the ‘new’ EA
Resi 5 developers need mental healthcare, Capcom provides
Captain Obvious: Racial bias exists in virtual worlds
Guilty Gear 2 Overture resurfaces, brings trailer with it
Dirty lies: Spore manual says multiple accounts per copy, reality disagrees
Destroy All Humans and Intellivision are quality titles hitting Xbox Originals
Mega Man 9 gets a Japanese release date
FreeStyleGames acquired by Activision, working on new IP in music genre
PSP version of MotorStorm isn’t happening, children cry
Analyst: Wii is ‘inhospitable’ to third parties
Rare was thinking Miis before Miis existed
Sony disappointed in third party PSP support
Qore subscribers receiving SOCOM: Confrontation invites today
Capcom aims for 80 percent of sales to come from the West
Full Guitar Hero World Tour set list revealed
August NPD: the calm before the holiday storm
PS3 BioShock demo coming to PSN on October 2, Spoiler alert: It’s good
Has the weak US economy finally affected videogames?
Microsoft drops 120 GB Xbox 360 hard drive down to $149
Which company has the best line-up this fall? Jack Tretton weighs in
Getting to know the New Xbox Experience: The Gamercard
Strong Badia declares its independence on Monday!
360 failure whistleblower fired by Microsoft
Crysis Warhead coming to Steam, Multiwinia deal

Some new, some old Batman: Arkham Asylum screens have us riled up
Your new hobby: Building sand castles in Konami’s WiiWare title, Sandy Beach
Space ships, missiles, and aliens populate these new Endless Universe screens
Wanted game gets longer name, new screenshots

The Strong Badian revolution is about to begin!
Vomiting zombie exclusive, Jenny McCarthy on tonight’s GameTrailers TV
Disaster: Day of Crisis game play explained, videos
Sega unleashes the Werehog in third Sonic Unleashed trailer
Soundtrack for NHL 2K9 officially revealed…three days after its release date
Yakuza 2 trailer reminds me that late is better than never

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