The Daily Hotness: Game of the Year

We revealed our Game of the Year on Destructoid. Just what was it, you ask? Well you’re going to have to read the post to find out, duh!

Otherwise, we did a quick run of a brand new shirt, we’re doing a Charity Water event on Sunday, Chad checked out Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, your Gears of War 3 beta will come with the “Epic Edition” of Bulletstorm and more happened on 12/17/10.

Destructoid Originals:
The winner of Destructoid Game of the Year 2010
The Chill Bros shirt (SOLD OUT)
Dtoid (the show): Uncharted 3, Mass Effect 2, and Dr. Dre
We’re doing a Charity Water live stream this Sunday!
DTOID LIVE:X-MEN The Arcade Game on Chill Bros(win codes)
VGAs 2010: Felicia Day and Carlos Ferro
DTOID LIVE: Uncharted 2 on Backlog airing now

Community blogs of 12/18
Forum of the day: The Barsona – Persona-Related Discussion

Win a PSP, Lord of Arcana, and your own framed artwork!
Contest: Win a Kinect and Kinect Adventures from Target!

Review: Modern Combat 2, Ash, Mega Worm vs. Santa

Preview: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

PDP selling ‘secret’ TRON Xbox 360 controller
Shadow the Hedgehog was designed to appeal to the West
I’m so hot for this PS3 Neo Geo gamepad
Bulletstorm ‘Epic Edition’ gives access to Gears 3 beta
Bing, a search engine that’s also a games platform
EA selling nearly every iPhone game for $0.99!
Microsoft: Nobody bought Xbox 360 faceplates
Free App of the Day: Auditorium
Fallout: Nuka Break fan film now has a trailer
Survey: Gamers buy 29% of their titles digitally
PSP game Hot Shots Shorties rated by the ESRB
Rock Band DLC: I can’t pronounce any of this stuff
WoW: Cataclysm: Top player logged 149 hours in one week
Resident Evil 4: Platinum Edition now $0.99
Deal North: Some last minute stuff before Christmas
Fallout: New Vegas patch now live for Xbox 360
Need For Speed World update adds nighttime
Entertainment Weekly: Kirby Epic Yarn worst game of 2010
The Witcher 2 has a permadeath mode
Pachter goes out on a limb, says next GTA will be huge
Go get the big AI/diplomacy patch for Civilization V
Demon’s Souls servers get an extension, event coming up
Team Fortress 2 celebrates Australian Christmas

Plants vs. Zombies holiday wallpapers are great

Cosmo Fighters coming to DSiWare December 20th
Hothead shows developers in their natural habitat
Fishing Master now available for iPhone, totally free
Killzone 3 screens make wanna HNNNNNNG!
Sliding is apparently the key to victory in Crysis 2
New Fez footage! Set your face to smile mode

Hamza Aziz