The Daily Hotness: Finnegan’s Irish Amber

After the spectacular feedback I got from last week’s beer review… I’ve decided to keep doing it. Every Thursday night, I’ll have a new beer (new as one I haven’t review before) and I’ll incorporate it as part of the Hotness. I don’t know why, but I feel like someone is probably going to stop me with a C & D or something, so I dunno how long this will be a thing.

Anyway, this week I’m taking a look at Finnegan’s Irish Amber. I live in the Twin Cities, and Finnegan’s has a pretty decent reputation around here. All profits go directly to feeding those less fortunate. A six pack typically runs between $7.50 and $8.50, which is a little on the high end for a mid-level beer.

It pours well, but doesn’t have any particularly unique characteristics. All in all, it’s a certainly decent, if a little bland. Still a lot better than a typical American Pale Lager, in that it doesn’t smell or taste like urine.

So if you’re in the Twin Cities, need some beer and are feeling a bit indecisive, do some good and buy a bit o’ Finnegan’s. You won’t be wowed, but at least you’ll be helping people out.  

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