The Daily Hotness: Finish the Fight … some more! (09/25/08)

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So all that hype was for more Halo 3? Cool, I guess.

Nick checks out Saint’s Row 2, Dead Space is getting a limited limited edition, a bus driver plays videogames while driving the bus, Jack Thompson finally gets disbarred, and plenty more happened on Thursday.  

Thursday Regulars:
RetroforceGO! records episode 61 tonight: Beat ’em ups
Scraps: This is how the hype ends (9/25/08)

Hands-on: Saint’s Row 2 multiplayer cooperative and the new ‘Strongarm’ mode

Why most MMOs fail, as explained by Warhammer Online dev
The Podcastle episode 19: Peter Molyneux is a BEAST!

Reminder: 5 more days left for the Little Red Riding Hood BBQ contest!

Dead Space limited edition is very limited. Also, expensive
Sony: Give the PSP one more chance, we can turn it around I tells ya!
Microsoft spending silly money on ‘casual’ marketing
Sony takes off the gloves and says it’s on … but not today. Later. Maybe.
Like, totally: Aly and AJ reveal ‘girly’ guitar peripherals for, uh, girls
Games: it’s spreading to the girls now
OBJECTION! Jack Thompson has been disbarred
Animal Crossing hits Europe in December, complete with silly Australian name
Burnout Paradise PS3 Trophy Pack now available, not retroactive
Study finds Brain Age improves math performance in children by 50%
Advance Wars linked to murder? Somehow it happened
Swag report: de Blob is de bomb!
Wrath of the Lich King to ship on DVD only
PS3 not kicking ass in Japan, SCE boss Shuhei Yoshida blames publishers
PS3 BioShock’s ending remains unchanged — should it have been altered?
Utterly pathetic: Australia bans Silent Hill: Homecoming

Rock Band 2 in UK this November, only months after the first one

Guitar Praise developer would consider a Christian-friendly GTA
Ugly/beautiful Mega Man 9 shirt up for preorder
Bus driver suspended for playing a handheld at the wheel
Did Bungie abduct a little girl? Halo teaser definitely hints at yes

Death Crabs: New images for Neverland Card Battles

Sonic Chronicles: Now with 50% more enemies
Beastly Bonus: Meet the Lynth in Golden Axe: Beast Rider
Bungie teaser countdown ticks away to reveal more Halo 3
Dead Space devs talk about zero gravity
Eternal Poison: The most melodramatic trailer you’ll see today
Damnation ‘verticality’ video: This game has its ups and downs
Sacred 2: RPG + German Fantasy Metal = Something?

C Blogs of 09/25/08
Feel the Hatred: Mega Man 9

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