The Daily Hotness: Fantastic Seattle driving

Flipping through today’s gallery of pictures from the show floor has definitely made me wish I was there, but the one shown above is definitely my favorite thing today.

All sorts of content out of PAX today including hands-on time with Halo Anniversary, Mass Effect 3, and Skyrim. We preview the gravity defying Inversion, take a look at Resistance, and more happened on 8/26/2011.

Destructoid Original:
First look at Super Monday Night Combat
Resistance: Burning Skies PAX impressions
PAX: Exclusive Saints Row: The Third reveal at Dtoid Live
Burning butterflies and kicking wolves: SKYRIM, BITCH!
Max and the ugly frog people of Mass Effect 3
Gotham City Impostors ‘Fumigation’ mode revealed at PAX
Video: Halfbrick’s latest Jetpack Joyride in action
Pictures of the crazy PAX show floor
Hamza checks out all the sweet offerings of HaloFest
Friday Night Fights: The next best thing to PAX!
I played Halo: Anniversary in 3D at HaloFest

Preview: Inversion

Score big at PAX for sweet SSX snowboard USB stick

Rock of Ages’ two-player split screen… rocks
Penny Arcade game series back from dead
Gears of War 3’s take on Gridlock looks spooky
The Halo 4 Warthog is coming to Forza Motorsport 4
Deus Ex PC patch: Faster load times, tweaked controls
Halo: Reach getting major updates, Magnum coming back
Hogrocket’s first game gets a release date
Skyrim DLC promised, Xbox 360 gets it first
Razer reveals Razer Blade, the ‘first true gaming laptop’
Torchlight 2 gets its final class and price

First moments of The Old Republic’s Eternity Vault quest
Kinect Sports: Season Two, you know you want it
Documentary explores a future with augmentation
Full aircraft list reveal for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
2K Marin’s 22-minute demonstration of XCOM
Meet the voice of Spidey from Spider-Man: Edge of Time
Counter-Strike: GO trailer, mouse support for PS3 version
Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is getting a sandbox mode
Get that creepy Liquid Television vibe from Veil
Watch the Grand Knights History launch trailer
Global Agenda gets Recursive Colony expansion
Gaze upon the first screens of Little King’s Story Vita
Nolan North does an unboxing of Uncharted 3’s CE

Liam Fisher