The Daily Hotness: Eeveelutions

Get your free Eevee evolution while you can even though you probably have them all! The Pokemon Global Link is offering them for a limited time. Thanks for pointing this out, Ross!

We heard about how the PC version of Fable III stacks up, got misty-eyed over Anarchy Reigns‘ delay to 2012, drooled over the possibility of floating lands in Minecraft, saw another impressive LittleBigPlanet 2 creation, and more on 5/19/11.

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Anarchy Reigns delayed to 2012
Chaos Rings Omega out now, original Chaos Rings on sale
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Pre-order RAGE, get the Anarchy Edition with bonus gear
Microsoft clarifies Xbox 360 disc-read error situation
Honest Hearts DLC won’t work on some New Vegas save files
Sony: PlayStation Store to return May 24
Infinity Blade goes on sale as new update rolls out
inFAMOUS 2 has gone gold, folks!
L.A. Noire gets new DLC June 21
Dyack: Mobile apps are hurting game industry
Witcher 2 patch coming next week
Rockstar & Sony: L.A. Noire NOT causing PS3s to overheat
Latest Xbox 360 system update includes PayPal support
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 hitting stores this holiday
Gun Sonata Pack primed and ready for Bulletstorm PC
Battlefield 3’s take on Wake Island looks crazy
Arma 3 to get a summer 2012 release, here’s how it looks
Nidhogg releases to Winnitron Indie Arcade machines
Images tease sky dimension for Minecraft
UberBoat 2 now available for pre-order at half off
No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise coming in Sextilis 2011

F.E.A.R 3 introduces competition to its co-op

L.A. Clippers’ Blake Griffin wants to get into RAGE
MERD: A stunning FPS built in Little Big Planet 2

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