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Colette gave us a great list today of the ten classic mistakes made by modern RPGs. One of the things Colette mentioned in her list was the horrible voice acting most RPGs get. This right here is a perfect example of some bad voice acting.

Jim teased his Albert Wesker interview for tomorrow, Holmes reviewed WarioWare: Snapped!, Will Wright left EA to take on a new studio and plenty more happened on 04/08/09. 

Destructoid Originals:
Video interview: Raven Software on X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Games time forgot: Socket: Time Dominator
Ten classic mistakes made by the modern RPG
Albert Wesker: Videogames have arrived

Community blogs of 04/08/09
Forum of the day: PAX East – Whos going?
Those About to Die: Defeating the purple tyrant

WarioWare: Snapped!

Win a Nintendo DS Lite in our MyDoItAll contest!
Win a free Godfather II poster and T-shirt this week!

What the hell is going on with Fatal Frame for the Wii?
End of Eternity revealed as tri-Ace/Sega collaboration
Stargate Worlds’ still being developed
Prototype hits North American retail June 9
Apogee has a pair, studio trademarks ‘Balls of Steel’
Your Wii is sad and lonely, says Nielsen
Impulse gets a new GUI, Goo support, and much more
Finally buy XBLA games for friends … in a convoluted way
Rock Band not ruled out for the DS, but could it be LEGO?
iPhone wins, gets as much play time as other portables
Cops outraged by Grand Theft Auto mods depicting their cars
All Strategy First games are 50% off on Steam
Street Fighter IV US National Championship Finals details
Will Wright leaves EA to run ‘Stupid Fun Club’
Silent Scope headed to iPhone
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 coming this fall
The 50 best-selling games this decade
Capcom ‘thinking about’ Lost Planet 2 on PS3
Pre-order Ghostbusters, get shirt and exclusive DLC
Reserving inFamous at GameStop nets you an exclusive power
BioWare looking for betatesters for the Dragon Age Toolset

Eidos brings the cute with latest Mini Ninjas screens

Rock Band Unplugged trailer, tracks, PSP bundle announced
NYC not looking so hot in this new Prototype trailer
Stalin vs. Martians dated, still makes absolutely no sense
WiiWare title Swords & Soldiers has Vikings and style
So what is Will Wright’s ‘Stupid Fun Club’?
Darkest of Days revealed, like Quantum Leap in FPS form

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