The Daily Hotness: EA is packing heat (8/14/08)

Up until recently, many core gamers were pretty down in the mouth about Electronic Arts. Here recently, it seems that they’ve turned things around, and their EA Partners program is like icing on the cake. With today’s announcements of cooperation with both Epic Games and Grasshopper, it seems that the sky is the limit.

We hear that a new Halo-specific studio may be in the works, Japan is selling out of Xbox 360s, Ubisoft is being sued for millions, and much more on this busy Thursday.

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Original Features:
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PSP is no ‘dumb terminal,’ is in for the long haul
Man whose name is Wii has better life thanks to Nintendo
Castle Crashers is officially 1200 MS points: Enjoy!
Pure demo speeding to PSN and XBL this September
Sanjay Dutt and his pink tambourine announced for TNA iMPACT!
Nani kore? Japanese electronics mega-store sells out of Xbox 360s
Productivity in the crapper: View Geometry Wars leaderboards in your browser
Houser is honored to be hated by ‘creeps with weird agendas’
New details on Konami’s XBLA game, Beat’n Groovy
More Guitar Hero World Tour tracks revealed by OXM
Another PSP model is in the works, but don’t get your hopes up
New screens and box art sneak in as Velvet Assassin Web site goes live
ActiBlizzard cuts down Prototype dev: Note to self, don’t work for Activision
South Park XBLA game gets a genre, still ten years late
Order Xbox 360 DLC on your PC with Microsoft’s new service
Put those triple-X creatures to work: Spore finally has gone gold
Could Piktura be the name of the next Pikmin game?
Sega: EA will ruin Facebook
X-Blades lead wears little clothes, confirmed for PS3, 360, and PC
Ubisoft getting sued for at least $26 million
Sega CEO refers to Wii software line-up as ‘flood of crap’
Are Ready at Dawn ready to get ‘SuperNormal’?
Surprise: Criterion bringing Burnout Paradise to PSN for $29.99 this fall
BREAKING: Suda 51, Grasshopper working on new horror game published by EA
BREAKING: EA signs publishing deal with Epic Games
Gaming magazines aren’t dead yet
Bionic Commando: Rearmed won’t be heading to Steam
Valve talks Left 4 Dead DLC, the possibility of a demo

What if: Pokemon characters as Dragon Quest monsters

Rumortoid: EA price-fixing secondhand games?
Rumortoid: Rock Band may never hit Australia
Rumortoid: Microsoft hiring for new Halo-specific studio

Dale North