The Daily Hotness: E3 is going to kill me (07/14/08)

Today was a very busy day indeed. Three keynotes, and tons of new information came from Microsoft. New dashboard interface is on the way, Avatars, play Xbox 360 games by dumping them onto the HDD, and plenty of news on new first party title 360 games. 

SquareEnix, Capcom and EA dropped some big bombs today too. And E3 hasn’t even technically started! Tomorrow is going to be very busy as Nintendo and Sony are giving their keynotes. My hands are going to be destroyed by the end of the week. 

E3 Liveblogs:
Liveblogging Microsoft’s press conference
Square Enix Press Conference on Final Fantasy XIII
EA Press Conference

E3 Originals:
Greetings from Destructoid’s E3 Intern B*tch 2008
Where has all the spectacle gone?
Scraps: E3 is going to kill someone by the end of the day (7/14/08)

E3 News:
Nintendo reveals new accessory, the Wii MotionPlus
Sega announces official E3 2008 lineup
Resident Evil 5 to be released on Friday the 13th, early 2009
Rock Band 2 full track list revealed
PSN releases this week
Ultimate achievement unlocked! Final Fantasy XIII coming to the Xbox 360
Microsoft details new Live interface and dashboard update
Microsoft and Netflix jump in bed, streaming movies and TV coming to XBL
Gears of War 2 site goes live

E3 Screens:
Sammiches will make you Beefy in Castle Crashers
NBA Live ’09 screens contain traces of DNA
New Left 4 Dead screenshots and AI details

E3 Vides & Trailers:
Take a look at Resident Evil 5’s online co-op mode in action
Fallout 3 video walkthrough and trailer
The Last Remnant trailer
Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360, b*tches) trailer
Peter Molyneux takes us through Fable 2, reveals October release date
Gears of War 2 coming out November 7. Also, trailer
Two new Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts trailers
New RE 5 trailer: ‘You’re just in time for the fireworks show! BOOM!!!’
Mirror’s Edge trailer oozes style
Ghostbusters: The Video Game demo footage
Lips lets you use your own music
New XBLA titles: Portal, Galaga Legions, and Uno Rush
New XBLA titles: Geometry Wars 2, Banjo, and South Park
Fallout 3 demo footage: Glorious headshot edition
You’re in the Movies: Play mini-games & make movies with your Vision cam
Dead Space demo shows off the game’s HUD, or lack thereof
id shows their Rage, Partners with EA
Halo Wars coming out early 2009. Plus two new trailers

Hit the jump for all of the non-E3 news. 

Monday Regulars:
Virtual releases for the week of July 14th: Time to stuff your face edition
Monday Mind Teasers 07/14/08
New releases for the week of 07/14/08

First Jimpressions of Dungeon Hero and a fireside chat with Firefly

Destructoid interview:
Chatting with The Maw developer Twisted Pixel

Sony is gaining ground and slamming the Wii
Too Human demo is out now
PSP firmware update v4.05 release is imminent
Apogee resurrected, brings Duke Nukem to handhelds
Go!View goes live in the UK
New Warhawk update gives new gameplay modes, quick play, and more
Metallica’s “Death Magnetic” coming to Guitar Hero III and World Tour
Xbox continues to copy the N64: Introduces two new LE 360 controller colors

Hot damn! TF2 sentry case mod is all kinds of awesome

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