The Daily Hotness: Dust to dust

So yeah. From Dust looks pretty amazing. Hard to believe this is going to be a downloadable title too!

Nick reviewed Comic Jumper, we checked out Black Ops with 3D, NYCC is going to have some good games, the Edge troll gets served finally, Fist of the North Star will be more violent State side and more happened on 10/05/10.

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MAGFest 9 has killer guest lineup, includes HAWP cast
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Lucha Libre delayed, mask pre-order bonus dropped
Kinectimals special editions come with stuffed animals
Rumor: PSP2 slated for holiday 2011 release
Obama, Palin, the Beastie Boys, and more in NBA Jam
Parasitic patent troll pimpslapped by Electronic Arts
Daily Star pays out for telling lies about GTA
Rockstar releasing ‘Complete’ Grand Theft Auto IV
HMV: War against used game sales is ‘odd’
Best Buy charging $30 for PS3 firmware updates
Duke Nukem Forever demo early access w/ Borderlands GotY
Enslaved writer got ‘f*cking sick’ of his PS3
FIFA 11 breaks sports launch records, 2.6 million sold
Ballmer: Kinect is the Xbox 360’s ‘next generation’
Frank West is back, baby: Dead Rising iPhone detailed
Dead Space Ignition releases next week for $5
Fist of the North Star to be more violent in the West
Good news on Silent Hill 8’s direction from designer
Free App of the Day: Zombies Ate My Baby
Rock Band surpasses 2,000 songs next week
Europe is getting the Prince of Persia trilogy in HD
Red Dead Redemption gets two free outfits next week
‘The Sacrifice’ for Left 4 Dead is out, plus a Steam deal

Kotobukiya’s Protoman kit is a thing of beauty

New Lost in Shadow screenshots
Excruciating Guitar Voyage defies description
Warren Spector talks up Epic Mickey Storytelling
From Dust looks literally too amazing to exist
Naughty Bear DLC: Pirate-themed chapter 9 released

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