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Duke Nukem Forever is coming May 3. F*cking finally.

Nick checked out a few more 3DS games, Telltale has something else up it’s sleeves, Mileena needs to see a damn dentist and more happened on 1/21/11.

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Duke Nukem Forever gets May 3 release date
League of Legends gets Co-op vs. AI mode
Amazon running another buy two, get one free promo
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Apple doesn’t seem to take theft seriously
Rock Band DLC: Bowie track pack can be played left hand
Pachter: Nintendo’s ‘blown it’ with potential Wii 2
Telltale readying a game based on The Walking Dead?
Xbox 360 getting an exclusive Crysis 2 multiplayer demo
Scary amount of ‘Kill Obama’ levels in LittleBigPlanet 2
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Nintendo refuses to license its music to Bieber movie
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Dear Sony: You can’t beta test a game that’s gone gold
Fotonica does one-button freerunning with style
Promising PC RPG Magicka out January 25

Car setups in NASCAR 2011 full of options
Ladies and gents, the badasses of Yakuza 4
SteelSeries launch new headsets for Xbox 360 and iPod
Duke Nukem Forever gets a f*cking trailer
Mileena looks for new playmate in new Mortal Kombat vid
Killzone 3 KillStreak trailer has loads of killing
Night of the Sacrifice will scare the foreskin off you
EDF: Insect Armageddon video shows new weapon type
Shift 2 Unleashed trailer runs down pre-order goods
See every inch of The Last Story’s battle system

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