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Dragons. Ponies. Skyrim. I’m tired. 

SOPA has been neutered, PIPA’s been shelved, we have a new office chat and the ESA stopped being punks a bit too late to avoid the ire of the robot army.

Destructoid Original:
How SOPA and PIPA make Destructoid feel
Office Chat: Long cutscenes, light bribery and blackouts
This weekend on Twitch TV: HotBlooded Metal Gears
The DTOID Show: The world’s tiniest hamburger for dolls

Forum Thead of the day: The Bar: Part 2
Community blogs of 1/20
Friday Night Fights: Because you’ve earned it

Review: Unstoppable Gorg

SoulCalibur on iOS makes me want an iPad
Preview: Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen

Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 dated: Feb. 28
PIPA hearing is shelved following ‘recent events’
Microsoft acknowledges Xbox 360 Fall update video issues
Last two days to save on PS3 accessories
Tecmo Koei wanted to make Pokemon Warriors
Android: 11 billion downloads, 250 million activations
Ubisoft: Anno 2070 DRM is ‘working as intended’
SOPA has been shelved again following PIPA postponement
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy getting paid DLC
Skyrim is getting full mod tools next week
PS Vita 3G teardown puts Sony’s cost at $159
New super-portable gaming desktop from Alienware
ESA pulls support for SOPA and PIPA, shrugs nonchalantly
Trine 2 has been delayed for PS3 users in PAL territories
EVE Online dev blog talks about Crucible 1.1

Nipping the Resident Evil 6 complaints in the bud
Resident Evil: Retribution 3D trailer is like a Sony ad
Muggers get a FUS RO DAH to the face
Gah! It was so obvious! Why didn’t I think of that?
Skyrim mod changes dragons to My Little Ponies

Dance Central Dance*Cam is available now for free
Kingdom Hearts 3D shows off three enticing flavors
Big Huge Games discusses the visual design of Amalur
Compare the difficulty modes of Sine Mora
Death rises in this new Darksiders II video
Resident Evil 6 screenshots for you to love/hate
The King of Hell trolls citizens in Michigan
Fatal Frame 3DS spin-off to spook America on April 13
A Game of Dwarves is coming this year, and we have pics
Deadlight brings zombie-filled puzzle platforming to XBLA
Firefall, Red 5 and LFG Livestream
New screenshots for Vita game Dynasty Warriors Next
Tower defense meets RPG in ambitious Defender’s Quest
SWTOR getting more updates and even more rakghouls
Take a look at the classes of Ghost Recon Online

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